I have a theory | Fire Emblem: Three Houses Ep.36 (First Playthrough/Blind/Let’s Play)

yo hi and welcome my name’s and you run
our career back to its play fire emblem free houses in the last episode we
completed chap tights and yeah um I read it this mission as you could see in the
last part at the end of last part and yeah
I managed to get all the we’re just safe and got boat treasure chests wasn’t
really that hard but yeah a little bit annoying and yeah I’d say we’ll continue
because I want to see what happens next story and stuff you know there were no
casualties and this guy again so no sweater why are we letting all of
bad guys get so close to us it’s a really bad idea more did he retreat I can’t remember
salon I mean Thomas I’m actually a good person oh don’t give up okay also we did this photo what nah-ah I must refuse
come on Jerrod not even approve of that thanks dude so flame Emperor Dimitri well he was not in that one battle when
we fought against I was playing with this theory but it doesn’t make sense
because the very first time I we fought against the deaf night no yes
waited yeah first I thought the deaf night was timid he was the deaf night
but in the very first mission where we met him Dimitri was in the battle but
then in the second battle Dimitri was gone so I that raised my suspicions but
here that wouldn’t make sense because what’s the first one then and now it
makes kind of sense I think the flame Emperor is actually Dimitri because he
was not in that one battle in that second battle where the flame Emperor at
the end appeared and Dimitri was not part of that battle and right now did
you is like her worse to meet he and yeah boom flame Emperor appears that is
like stuff that it’s way too easy to figure out did kind
of like the same thing with bravely default would like alternates and yeah
so yeah there’s my theory I think it’s right and we’ll see if it’s white let’s
continue what do you want for me okay you’ve changed how so I’m not hanging
who tells me right thanks to the students they make me angry you might be
right pseudo in each day still same mmm a reason to leave yeah Soros little
sure – ah good boy she wanted me to leave I don’t know everyone is always
like hey remember that time and I’m like no I don’t I have no idea what my
character did i play emperor the totally the flamin prize I don’t want to be
right I thought the same I guess
everyone tells me that I know what any thought they were re Gasol Samina kimono
I am a diamond you seem okay total sorrow momentum told us one destroy
himself flame Empress said he wasn’t in work well that would be a silly thing to
say because he is the flame Emperor what is it where’s this anger coming from please don’t let me be right I hate it
when I’m right like way earlier than I’m supposed to be
mine what’s my problem with like ninokuni
right I called every single thing that happened okay that’s not correct me right well why did Thomas come to the
monastery it’s a stupid question stopped again to nine kilometers to Genova
non-jew narubu Mockingjay one day you know Socrates and a skunk oh no choice
tone up to you Karina Karina Shinigami just a horrible take your neck Hakuna
Matata so sweet oh you can trust no one in here trust nobody
remember that’s old commercial yummy you gonna Canada who’s your tailor my mother
who made this listener sir oh yes they must be stopped sudo you are thank you eeeem over take
you know there is yours is coming day you must Ankara she started looking you
Sunday yeah Jesus Nicholas a so keep doing what I already mother you know equal to 1 so this sky
below this solo songs IVA yeah Dominion kyboot already 3 Auto
Select akuto de su 9 you you attack see Cigna managed – things go well she
always hyping me up like that she knows something that I don’t what
what I had never heard the name of the goddess like screaming stomping on the
ground that’s all they’re ruining the scene for me right now my immersion what
run what was that about alright I hope the people above Nia calm
down a little bit like that’s crazy like screaming stomach on the ground like
crazy lucky stewed pork rib actress a singer Madonna
playing like 40 hours and we’re still like except are what nine right now usually takes like this long to complete
this one I am in seinem okay still we don’t know you know you are watch you
not to you all right doing school stuff now I
presume I can do that all right plucked it fake ins so this is the name
of the goddess which is something I called long ago and that she’s either
goddess or like manic it and I see a lot of power locks please don’t take this
yes because I’m ready please enjoy your tea no no it’s hot likeable allies
you’re doing great work favorite sweet put in it I know
all right alloys working together gardening mishaps of there we go there
we go perfect tea time my son and observe you a little bit too close how
do I get out of this all right guess we that’s like the
second perfect tea time no mistake I guess no I didn’t get any
charm really okay usually I get like charm if I to a
perfect one but I guess it’s only whoops there we go or something so on I was
thinking that like this all would like turn into a mission or something nitrous
voice that’s reassuring I guess oh god not him again
my character says as he looks at him let me control you kind of suck if you like model Dijkstra – you mean G cream is as
admirable supposed to work with me not watch me thank you alright let me just see how many
parralox we can do like seven probably you have others who can take at one sex
arms like myself even more powerful cards alright three that is not too much
but as soon as I okay that’s actually perfect I can do that here I can do one
here here now I don’t have much time said where the ball is white hair on Cup
herons like the ones in an ocean view that sounds like something for flame
because she’s all about ocean oil and water it’s like with Manuela and Hanuman
first of all I want Ingrid to be uh no a normal night scarily again so anyone who
can yes you get one Felix Felix my Cedars okay I want you to be our normal
night again it’s a Pegasus night just for that one mission all right and so
Felix and Messi does not are not too many I can actually do those very quick
now probably um Felix yes not advanced that’s for like level
20 right two levels that’s enough time to do something else I guess broader we
can make it more brawler probably that’s okay I don’t wanna see what a brawler
can do mercenary brawler 100% I have a lot of
those seals so yeah boom let’s try that I’m just gonna skip that all right and
Macias yeah Wow you can come on advanced class already you know what let me make
you an arch if I can because I really want that ball range plus one you never
know when this one could be yeah but then I can’t hear with him right but
that range plus one is not bad especially since she has a bow what can
I make her into a bishop 65% all right that is actually I don’t want to waste
and seal for that I’m unlucky so yeah Archer this we do have enough
mages like you got Hannah man we got Mariela playing Annette I mean we don’t
need like we eat us or something in one battle so yeah it ones like something
I’m gonna I’m gonna look at the like skills and
all that next part okay do I have something with someone no all right
let’s do one right now did you want a net yeah we saw that
oh my butt because I had to like read all his mission one mission I think I
didn’t cut this support I guess so yeah it’s hard it’s fun I pray always hard is
one but we didn’t see this one so let’s go monster youkai started studying Oh but why did you kill your ears you know
cute scar Lochte vanish Magna see what’s covers any syllable so no a pseudo in
you want a good idea achieved spot right spell concise all
over again and there we go I like it Renee keep it a little bit short
okay then like yes we can go and explore because yeah I’m just look now flame and
set it o set up okay hopefully I level up and get one more action point or
whatever that’s called level 17 so yeah I don’t think I would ever do any random
battles game so yeah yes there’s so much going on and you are to goddess don’t worry about it but what carving or white Iran cannot
select a Brisbane okay it doesn’t look like I get another quest someday all
right yeah lot of people to talk to again as
usual let’s get this over with all right maybe it’ll happen but you
don’t have a name and you don’t look important so yeah I’m afraid you’re not
gonna get lucky no completely destroyed all of her dreams one who likes to sing
gonna take care of that off screen and she’s a lot more difference than I heart
like and I saw in the intro like she looked like a Sarah I’m fine damn
sentence oh yeah she’s kind of adorable I’m sorry so Nicole Academy all right then teach me please so I died
on Tibet well he enrolled here like 40 years ago or something so of course you
don’t not like 40 well I didn’t expect you to
know anything so yeah don’t worry I guess all right look out for blue
things Lucy yeah she uh she
Tomas ji-sung do on there Oh just listen to the flame Empress I’m set
on this ferry and I probably things right where’s Ellen this is a new place why is it lagging yeah but then what you
like to sing right Manuela I guess I like in this opera thingy problem so big
either Ingrid Raphael Inglot like sweet and I’m
getting all the facts down from my students I’m a good teacher
no what’s wrong oh yeah they did bring some of their just in
here I’m sorry everyone kind of ceremony antibody Jirga Tony is important you don’t call a place
like that when it’s not important you don’t even mention that place if it’s
not a pond there’s nothing to report I think
there’s always something to report you just don’t know oh if no one comes to mind no I can so I don’t know I don’t really say marrying
in this game because I am the only character who can get an s-rank I guess
because like yeah only I can get s-rank with someone
everyone else can only get a ranked with everyone so yeah can I marry someone
number II don’t really care too much about that to be honest
but I like to have the option anyway okay it’s this afraid of ghosts inside
lava so any like special fishing thingy I
more fish than ever a fishing point of play it seems like a good wonderful
story I would ever say that don’t you know who voted on this song canis UT the Eskimo should I do fishing off-screen is there
a Oh always the same thing like well okay and garden let me just see home
lucky burdock strength my wand that’s way too much for
like level up I don’t know right do you like to sing no okay big spoon oh yeah
for someone who likes to eat right okay I’m gonna check all the rooms of screen
because I know I saw your spots yes let’s just go in here maybe I found
something really good like an ultimate weapon or something was I in there I
guess don’t think I was in there no oh I wasn’t no ha
oh my see this is room okay Bernadette ha right it’s still in
there are you afraid of course I don’t know this you’re also Noble oh yeah you
afraid of goals alone you’re afraid of people I guess so I thought you would be
afraid of ghosts too but I was wrong in Sec novel yeah I know
I almost got all the speech bubbles in this area I like let me out of there
yeah one know what happens if I say like one name to this one guy one specific
name I am tempted to say fly in but I don’t know she said she’s older than she
looks so yeah I don’t know it’s legal I guess yeah hello okay since this frog will be
only time pop wait there’s like one cup or something
Ellen Cup but I think ideas let me just look can we
black magic tournament today Hanuman flame magic use fire reward
silver shields remain level 1805 whoops nothing to collect no all right it has a
quest I want to over there no I didn’t just inside like to mr.
crepes walking sound did I just not know right would be kind of horrible this was
like the best plot within the game and I saw like this one flame emperor Dmitri
thing coming from a mile away sent by pitcher who hates insects so why
would I give that back you’re gonna look pretty now she’s like Rio but no but
would make up all right kill about she not six to be
my signal show them the movie no choice whole
system meetings she got she how much you don’t know your son no no mother take
him or you do Dario Doku modest shit everybody way around
now I must see to call this find a book on carving techniques and
give it to Gilbert who came from Poland from the West might have you’re looking
for serious I know he he fights with an ex he comes from like somewhere else you
like to eat right we’re eating something in the intro you’re talking about right
now tectus and I got a support with Rafael try to do this at the end of this part
we should be almost done with all students he surprisingly not much about
him and in regard considering they’re like the main characters just because I
didn’t choose them secretly loves dolls do you like to sing oh you actually do okay should have tried miss here’s to
what yeah never I should have checked before I gave her
that why can I not a cannot give him gifts I think why is that you also kind of suspicious fire emblem
needs to hide this a little better like if you can’t pull supports with
characters then they are already suspicious so yeah without habitat that
also makes me kind of suspicious of Geralt I think something I can get
supports with him yeah that’s totally something that I happened with him I
think so yeah okay let’s realized I can what I can increase my supports with
people but I can’t are they waiting somewhere nope
okay I don’t know apparently I can string my bond with them but I
apparently can’t how do I get down there thank you no I’ll wait there oh my god I’m playing this game for four hours I
should know the layout of this this area already alright calm it we done yeah oh there’s something
Oh set like what a quest right hatre so I’m just gonna steal something and give
it to Gilbert what’s up with that I just broke into a
room and stole that instead of like asking like a normal person would renown
increase oh yeah I need to spend that I guess now people want to talk with me
first yeah while people want to talk with me but then again are you afraid of I will
try to find out on screen I wanna waste time yeah whatever hmm let’s get this support
out of the way where I wants to talk with me Raphael all right big boy I came to try and I came to check on you
that’s actually true so yeah I guess so I’m not sure about that could break me
in half you’ll never be a prop knife if you
don’t study good luck and ash was ash mmm now I’m coming after you online right after I find the right way right who likes ghosts Oh Sonia was afraid of
ghosts and someone who likes girls so it’s wait massive slags ghost stories how do the goals of my characters look
like by the way less serious you have he that if I can’t get them to 100% okay I
I think my series likes ghost stories so yeah let’s go and give her that there we go I know my students I don’t
know what top the other items where the other items go to half of them no I
forgot give me that that that those males I guess all right how many one standard
practice for a general to not stand on the floor nights what should I do when I
see him deliberately ignoring the sword with his own life maybe you just want to
die just say Nia and try to protect him why just let him die oh that’s no one in
here okay what’s the second quest isn’t there like a second quest somewhere up
there my god no this kaku kaku no se toca –
Teresa Giudice you it happy to notice you okay I get it
that’s why it’s wrong doesn’t got you missed a good a thing the band for weeks
is like a stone for that anyway week to its Nexus women a new way to inspire
Allison combat so big self week free of this month the white here on cop dance
contest for me out now you must like to present by the end of week two I could
only choose like flame or Hanuman right Cisco Ramon on your team when Shalini me
turning a quarter you whole Kokomo cocoon stage monitors story on are you
know I’m not anymore da you know always like those few centons
and always return Anatomy or stuff work for noble house rest of flames behind
the flame so email Korra qu qu almost a thousand years I keep on reciting know
who know what it is all give me more so no cryovac your stage no I sure hope
so how did I land in here wait in my dad
want to talk with me somewhere what a vision every time I’ll do that oh
it’s been a long time since I’ve found some of those I fought there weren’t any
left okay what do we do at the ends let me check
yes we’re gonna do like eating and all that the next part I’m gonna get all the
characters their gifts whoo laughs fishing expand magic-user
laughs fishing okay I will give all the students the last gifts and yeah off
screen and next part we’re gonna start like eating and all that with our
students getting some stuff in there all right
that’s all we can talk to no ash why can I talk with you again didn’t I just talk
with you guys oh I have to do it like that no white house ends contest okay I hope
I can still choose her so what can I choose ash yeah I can literally choose
every single one of them oh this is probably something I should I’m going to assume they all want to be
like hey I want to do this so yeah I’m gonna talk with them off screen probably heavy armor plus two reason plus two
reason is hardest reason fav is white magic right Landstuhl the vine poles
where’s X hmm it’s P plus 10% Lance fav there’s X all
right there’s something here so yeah I’m gonna spend some time doing giving
everyone their gifts and next parts we do all the other stuff preparing and
stuff you know of your joint is part please consider leaving a like a comment
on subscribe but it won’t be really nice view and I’ll see you on an expired bye
bye you

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