I took a DNA test – here are the results.

Hi, I’m Dave from Boyinaband. You like genetics? You like science? Cool. This is for you. The other day I spat in, like, a test tube,
and sent it off. And I’ve recently got my results back. Today we’re going to look at
what we can find out… …from my DNA. So we’re on the site 23andMe,
that’s the service I used. I think the wife of Larry Page, who is
one of the co-founders of Google, is the person who made this company. Yeah. /Formerly/married to Google Co-Founder,
Sergey Brin. My mistake. Oh, she’s actually the sister of Susan Wojcicki,
who is the CEO of YouTube. Huh. And let’s take a look! “Traits”, that one seems interesting. “Alcohol Flush Reaction”. Couldn’t they have got a picture of, like,
a drink rather than some yeast? That’s like if you went on the Wikipedia page for computers, and they just had some silicon, just in a pile. Apparently, I’ve got two working copies of ALDH2, which
results in little or no flushing reaction to alcohol. I could get away with being an alcoholic for ages
before anyone noticed! “Bitter Taste Perception”. “Can taste” bitterness. I kind of want to test this. Have I got any, like, lemon juice or something? Be right back, I’ll see if I’ve got any lemons! Couldn’t find lemon juice, but I’ve got lime. Isn’t lime juice… bitter? [strained]
Yup. Yup. Yeah, that’s accurate. [coughing]
Excuse me! “Blond Hair — 28% Chance”. I used to be blond as a child! When I used to live in the United Arab Emirates, I have a memory of, um,
I went to the swimming baths. And as I walked in, these Arabic women came over
and started patting my head ’cause they hadn’t seen a blond kid before,
I assume. It’s not something that you’d normally get
in the western world, people going, “Oh, look at that child!
They look different, let’s touch them!” “Earwax Type — Wet”. Yup. “Eye Color — Likely Blue”! Very likely. “Male Pattern Baldness — Decreased Odds”,
Freakin’ yes! [whispering]
Don’t ever leave me! “Muscle Performance — Likely Sprinter”! What does that mean? “Many world-class sprinters and some
endurance athletes have this genotype.” I’ve missed my calling! What the hell? Hang on. Every one of these possible genotypes would
result in someone being either a world-class sprinter, a world-class sprinter, or a world-class
endurance athlete. [sigh] Here I am getting my hopes up that
I could be the next Usain Bolt. “Red Hair —


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