Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel and
this video is going to be something I’ve been wanting to do for a very very very
long time. So I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of 23andme. For those of
you who don’t know what 23andme is, it’s basically a DNA test to find out where
your ancestors come from and you can also find out about what kind of health..
or you might be like a carrier of something that might have been passed on
to you for generations. It could be anything like that! And so four weeks ago
I put my spit into a tube and I sent it to 23andme lab and approximately it’s
taken about four weeks for them to receive it and to actually process it
genotyping, you know all those scientific stuff that you need to know.
So after I got back from Italy.. I couldn’t film this video, the weekend I
came back because I just went straight to Belgium for like the weekend and then
now that I’m back in London and I have the weekend free all to myself I can now
look at my results, the report, I’ve been waiting to look at my results for two
weeks now and I can’t wait to open it Expectations! Before I actually look at
the reports I have looked at other people’s results who somewhat similar to
me or you know they have the same background to me. So you know Southeast
Asian, Thai, you know all the stuff and one of the most common ones – Chinese does come up, myanmar, maybe Vietnamese even Filipino I don’t know I’m just guessing
like broadly Southeast Asian but I do feel like there might be some unexpected
stuff that you wouldn’t think of I don’t know Okay, so this is my email. This is how the report looks like. ahhh I’m so nervous..so it
says “Belinda, welcome to you!” and I’m gonna click on view your reports now.
I don’t know if there’s any other stuff that I need to know about but… I’m so
nervous! but I’m also very excited! Okay, Belinda explore your ancestry through
your DNA okay there’s different types of
colours in here okay cool, right okay if you guys can
see it says ancestry composition “your DNA suggests your ancestry is 68.3%
Indonesian Thai, Khmer and Mynmar with ties to four other populations”.
Wow, okay I did not expect that okay, I knew I’ll be a mixture of like
Indonesian or you know other Southeast Asian countries but I didn’t know it was
63 percent point four to be exact okay… DNA relatives: You share DNA and
ancestors with 762 other 23andme customers… oh my god… wait… okay I’m just going through all of
these Okay, there are 162 that is more likely
to make new year’s resolutions blah blah blah.. 70%of your relatives have Southeast Asian
ancestry of course. Neanderthal we’ve identified 213 genetic
variants that can be traced… (I don’t know what I’m saying..) I don’t know if they’re saying that about me or are they just saying that in general.. Maternal haplogroup, okay cool, all right.. Right, okay I’m just gonna click on view
reports cause I don’t know what the rest of the other stuff are. Ohhh crap! Okay! Alright we’re just
gonna go through it – break it down See I told you, I’m a hundred percent
Asian that is a fact! I was right! – my expectations were right, so I am ninety
nine point zero percent East Asian and Native American and to break it down in
exactly, I knew Chinese was gonna come up Do I click on this? oh no.. that’s just going to…
Okay! So that goes that’s gonna come up… so I am Indonesia and Thai, Khmer and Myanmar so I’m definitely Thai and with a few other stuff… oh oh okay, this is a
whole other thing.. Oh let me go back, let me go back.. this is so confusing.. oh this is so confusing… okay.. so that in specifically Myanmar in
Thailand we call it ‘Burma’ so Khmer.. I knew I would have Cambodia in me in some
way and Laos you know it’s kind of common for Thai people to have Laos and
Cambodia and you know Indonesian and all other stuff.. but yeah well it’s um.. crazy
I’m 19.3% Vietnamese. I am one point nine Chinese. Okay, I thought Chinese would be a little bit more but it’s not that much. Oh! I am one
point two percent Filipino and Austronesian. Wow! Austronesian…
Austronesian? but what’s in Austro– (Me babbling) – Austronesian though? That is
definitely something I want to look into I don’t know if Austronesian means
Melanesia and Polynesia, I’m not too sure and then obviously I underneath broadly
Chinese in Southeast Asia and 8% and okay and then South Asian 0.6%…. oh my gosh SouthAsia is mostly like I’m guessing India which is not surprised I
think that’s probably from my dad’s side but
my mom’s side is probably like the Chinese side, so it’s kind of mixed all
together. Wow and then there’s 0.2 ancestry, okay so I’ve seen trace
ancestry 0.2% and it said we detected traces of following populations in your
DNA (I’ll read more into it) and I am 0.1% broadly southern European and..yeah.. 0.1% broadly European and then unassigned is 0.2%
okay I’m just going to read this out. From what I know 23andme, whenever it
says unassigned stuff it just means maybe their data didn’t.. maybe they don’t
have enough data to you know show you what..where you’re from I think.
Okay, and it says “There is a wide range of human diversity out there and
sometimes our algorithm can’t pinpoint a region of your DNA to a specific
population bear with us as our data resources continue to expand. We expect
the amount of unsigned ancestry our customers see to decrease. Holy crap…Wow!
so basically I am just a general Asian that’s all it is! that’s all you need to
know! I’m just in a general Asian whenever you think of Asian… that! I’m
that! Exactly that! I’m just Asia, I’m East Asia, I’m Southeast Asia
I’m South Asia, heck! I even have Austronesian in me.
I’ll look into what that is if you guys know what Austronesian is just let me
know down in the comments below because um I don’t know too much about
Austronesian history or where all kind of specific countries that actually
relates to but I’ll do my own research and I’ll fill you guys in but
one thing I’m not too surprised about is the Chinese part. I kind of had an
inkling that South Asia like India would come up because I know… that I kind of
had a feeling that my dad had a little bit of Indian in him, I don’t know why but
um.. Wow! okay, so that’s my general that’s my DNA! I’m gonna scroll down and see
what else 23andme has. My ancestry timeline
okay.. so 1760, ok Philippino–Austronesian okay cool.. so Filipino and Austronesian
you most likely had a third great-grandparent, fourth great
grandparent, fifth great-grandfather or sixth who was 100% Filipino and Austronesian.
This person was likely born between 1760 and 1850! Holy crap! Okay and South Asia
okay I probably am guessing this is from my dad’s side. Okay and then around 1850
Vietnamese okay… blah blah and now… That is insane, I’m gonna keep scrolling down…
how much of each ancestry did you inherit from your parents? Okay.. okay… so
50/50? I don’t…I mean they don’t really say which part of the regions you get
from your parents but I mean this is quite a lot for me to know already.
I’m just gonna keep going down “your ancestry composition chromosome painting.” This is blowing my mind! I need to show
this to my brother in one point but I guess one thing I’m really confused
about, I don’t know where the European part came in.. I mean this is like
thousand thousands of years ago way before planes, way before like airports
and all of that, way before trains. How would you be able to travel from Europe
all the way to Asia? or Asia all the way to Europe? Like how far we talking, like
how do they travel basically? All I know they had boats, there’s no way
they could’ve walked, you know from one end to the other of the world.. like how? Hmm I
think that’s just something that’s quite a mystery to me I don’t know how Europe
has come into this.. but yeah wow… Alright, it’s getting hot in here. okay it is
quite hot in here.. I’m not gonna lie. I kind of wish that you know.. looking this
into further I’m not just gonna rely on 23andme to really say where I come from
but I think it is quite a nice opener to just see roughly where I am but I do
know that you can actually just upload your data from 23andme and then you can
just upload it onto other ancestry websites and just find out about
yourself. Results will vary but I will get some sort of sense of where I am on
the map… but oh my gosh! I did not expect that! I can’t wait to
show this to my family and to my friends and to see what they say I can get my
brother to come in here and look at the results but I don’t know how he’s going
to react, I know he’s done an ancestry test before but I don’t think it was
ever as detailed as this. So I want to see how he reacts. So I’m gonna call my
brother and I’m gonna see what he thinks Bob! Do you want to look through it and
then you can scroll.. this is my DNA results.

BROTHER: I don’t understand what I’m looking at Are you serious you don’t understand
what you’re looking at? Okay..
BROTHER: Wait, wait.. hold on.. Do you want me to break it down or do you think you can read it on your own?
BROTHER: 1.9% Chinese.. WE are 1.9% Chinese! We definitely
have Chinese in us, we are Filipino Austronesian, wha–

BROTHER: Yeah, I knew that already.. But what’s Austronesian though? BROTHER:I don’t know, you’ll have to Google that.
We definitely have south asian in us.. and south asia is basically places like India, Bangladesh
all those places.
BROTHER: East Asian and Native American?! BROTHER: What?!
We are Native American!
BROTHER: What part of Native America though? I’ve seen other people’s results who are also Thai and Asian and they all have Native
American in them. Does that mean Native American people are Asian?
BROTHER: They look it.
They do look it but wouldn’t it be quite a lot to travel from
America to Asia? BROTHER: Oh you know.. tectonic plates and all that..
Oh yeah tectonic plates.. Well we can say is we are a hundred percent Asian! Do you know what’s really really weird? Go down.. open trace ancestry.. we are 0.1 broadly European this doesn’t make sense though I don’t think how does that add up?
BROTHER: Uhhh I don’t understand.. BROTHER: Well what part of Europe though?
Broadly…I don’t know what part Europe I think This is just…
BROTHER: “Southern Europe including the iberian, Italian and Balkan Peninsula as well as the island of Malta is a region
to find in the great part by the Mediterranean Sea.”
But I still.. I don’t know if that’s really accurate.. BROTHER: A lot of them Portuguese people went over
to Thailand.
That is true there is history that says Thailand did have some
sort of trading era where there’s like all these different countries coming
into Thailand to trade. So and Portugal was Italy wasn’t one of them…
but Portugal was one of them French was one of them and England is
also one of them. I don’t know how many other countries.. India was also one of
them and so is China. So… perhaps?
BROTHER: Wow! this is really cool..
I want to find out what Austronesian is.. BROTHER: How can you be 99% East Asian and Native American?
I don’t know maybe it was like a thousand years ago.. that they migrated
or something I don’t know. I have no idea BROTHER: What’s unassigned? HAHA ALIEN!
No! Unassigned.. this is what I looked up in.. Unassigned basically, they’re not able to..
they don’t have data for that specific bit. So they still have yet to do
research with they have yet to research more about, so I can’t pinpoint exactly
where but you have more. All right I’m gonna end this video
BROTHER: I want to go to Guangdong… Okay….you can go out again..
well was enlightening wasn’t it?
BROTHER: Yeah… So that was my brother’s reaction I must say it was very very enlightening doing this video and look at my results. If any of you
guys have ever done a DNA test using 23andme, let me know what kind of results
that you got, what is it that you expected and what you found out about
yourself. If you guys are thinking of 23andme, I think it is really worth you
know trying out but yeah comment down below and what you guys think, share your
experiences with me, share your reports and stuff I really really love to hear
about it. I hope you guys enjoyed this video! thank you so much for looking at
the reports with me! and I will see you guys on my next one!


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