I WANT TO GO TO POLAND and research about my family history

Hi everybody, my name is Elena and I want to ask you a question. Have you ever felt like there was something, or incomplete on your personal history? That there was something missing? That there was something more wrong with you because of your personal history? I do I feel that way every day of my life I’ve been very passionate about Holocaust since I was a little kid and I read Anne Frank’s diary All my friends were like passionate about music, sports, art and I was passionate about researching abour Holocaust. It was the only thing I could speak about and it wasn’t very normal a twelve-year-old girl But I was okay with that, but there was something that I never like really understood why I was like that Until my mother started speaking My mom’s last name is Jakubowicz. Sorry if I said it wrong. It is polish. I’m Argentinian. I live in Argentina And then I found out my great-grandfather came in 1937 to wound up Silas Which is like wow, okay, he survived the war, he and his family survived the war. That’s cool Then I found out they were Jewish. So like oh my god. They survived the Holocaust Then I found out he didn’t came with all the family There’s a huge part of the family that remained in Poland Remained in Poland during the war, remained in Poland during the nazis We don’t know what happened to them. Then I understood that the thing that was missing on my personal history was information, was my family that also make me understand why I was so passionate about Holocaust and why I wanted to learn more and more and more because I wanted to know what happened with our family Since I was a little kid with my dream is going to Poland and to find out what happened to them to visit hometown to feel Poland like it was home I decided this year. I’m going to Poland I’m going to I’m going to work to Poland two months, December and January So I can spend holidays in Poland. I can live a Polish life for a little bit I want to spend Jewish ceremonies and Jewish holidays with Jewish families in Poland and the most important I want to be on 27 January on a Auschwitz because 27 of January is when it’s remember the liberation of Auschwitz so I want to ask you to collaborate with my cause and With this channel, this channel is not going to only be dedicated to my travel to Poland and to my family history But to all the families histories and the importance of family history and having me memory because memory is what is going to saves us Memory is what is going to prevent Holocaust or any other genocide from happen again This is how you can contribute by donating money and sharing the campaign on fund my travel. The links are going to be below You can also Subscribe, share and like these videos follow the Facebook and Instagram account and also like and share the posts You can also help me by contacting me with people that may be interested in the project in Poland and in YouTube that can give me information and can give me testimonies I want to read testimonies of other families histories on this channel We are going to talk a lot about whole cost and about the importance of memory and also, you can contribute by giving love and support and to help to make this world A Multicultural world that is worth living for Thank you so much for watching this video, for helping me please subscribe share this video share this campaign And make more people to be interested in family history and in memory because Like I said before Memory is what is going to save us. So thank you so much, please subscribe and share this video

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