IDBS for Biology

The science behind discovering biologics is
complex from early research through to late stage
development, it is a multidisciplinary, evolving process E-WorkBook Biology tracks the processes, workflows,
and results tied to registered entities and inventory. This provides you scientific context around
the full lifecycle of biologics and allows everyone in your organization to
clearly trace and access critical information. Our easy-to-use Biology module enhances E-WorkBook’s
existing core functionalities. Create, edit and register molecular entities
seamlessly within the solution. E-WorkBook Biology supports Biologists and
Chemists alike designed to define, share and visualize structurally
complex biomolecules our platform bridges the gap between entities
like peptides, oligonucleotides, proteins or antibody drug conjugates. Designed for both large pharmaceutical and
smaller biotech clients alike modernize your biologics, with E-WorkBook

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