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uh what? [Laughing] Hi! My name is Jessica and I have been … a genealogist since 1999, when I was in 8th Grade and doing a … I was doing a project for school with my Mom.
And she actually got me into it. We went too … the cemeteries and the record locations and the deeds office and looked through the old census records, all before Ancestry came about. Well Ancestry.com was around at that time, but it just didn’t have access online as it does now. So we’ve been doing this or we both started together and since I got married we branched off to do a little bit of our own research as well, but We always verify what we have in information, and I was really really happy when I got the Ancestry DNA this past Christmas for a gift for pretty much my husband and my parents and such. And I got my DNA results back recently. And the thing that I’m surprised about or I never really thought … I mean … [Awkward Mouth Stumble]
My I … I knew that I had Irish ancestors a bit, but I didn’t really think about it. I mean … my … mother’s … on my mother’s side and the most recent … [Word Fumble] The more recent relative that came over instead of being in America for a long long time was an Irish … well my great-grandmother, Margaret. And she is … her parents are Irish, and I thought of that and was like okay, yeah, sure. And then on my father’s side I knew that my great-grandfather Martin was from Norway. So I was really happy that when I got my DNA results back that one proved. That I am 24%, from, Scandinavian. So that I was really happy about. But one thing that shocked me. In a way in which it shouldn’t be, is that I am actually 48% Irish! I mean, I’m really happy that I am! And it’s … it’s just … I didn’t expect it. I thought about the Norway one more than I thought about the Irish one. Which I shouldn’t because I have on my father’s side I have more Irish relatives as well! Okay, as you can see here. I am 48% Irish. I am 24% Scandinavian. I am 11% Great Britain and then the rest the … [I’m trying to pronounce “Iberian Peninsula” and mangling it] was kinda under the trace regions European locations but I just put it on it’s own … But, so yeah, I was 7% Iberian … I know I’m pronouncing it wrong and I apologize … but the Peninsula one And than the … there’s a lot of smaller you European locations. And then … another thing I’m surprised about is that I am 2%. A positive 2% West Asia. So I found that very cool! I hope that if you have a chance to get your DNA done go and do it! It’s awesome! So that’s my story. And I thank you for stopping by if you have any questions, please let me know I have quite a few different websites that you’ll probably see down here at the bottom. Please stop by! Comment and come back! Thank you!


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