Impractical Jokers – Balls On Accurate DNA Results (Deleted Scene) | truTV

Have you ever had an ancestry
test done before? -No.
-Okay. So, basically what
we have down here is… -“50% African-American.”
-50% African-American. -25% German.
-25% German. -25% Italian.
-25% Italian. And 33% Dominican. 33% Dominican. That’s more than 100%. Murr: Sal, this adds up
to 100% in your mind. No, this is all computerized.
This is 100%. So it’s 50% African,
25% Italian, 25% German. Hold on one second.
-Joe: “Let me write this out.” Joe: Sal, there’s a big white
board behind you. Grab a marker. Turn to that page where it’s
folded in the bottom there. [ Laughter ] I was doodling.
I was doodling. 25, 3.
And there was a 5%. Q: He’s adding it up. 50 plus 25 plus 25
is 100. Well, you’re 163%. Hmm. Draw a line underneath it and
write “balls on accurate.” Murr:
“Balls on accurate.” [ Laughter ]


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