In Memoriam: Mel Brooks on Gene Wilder

No trouble at all from Gene Wilder There was one night it got to be 5:30 or 6:00. and I said, “I want you to do the wacky
scene where you….where you really go crazy.” and he said, “I’m really tired can’t we do it tomorrow morning?” And I said, “No I need it, I really need it tonight. So he said, “But I’m exhausted.” I said, “Well, what would give you some spirit?”
He said, “well chocolate” I said “Okay should I get you… I’ll get you a couple of… …bars of chocolate with some almonds” and he said “no almonds.” said, “No nuts, just the chocolate.”
Okay, so I got him I got him some chocolate and I’d say “eat slow.” He said, “okay” and drink some water eat slow. finally, I said, “Have a black, some black coffee” He said, “I don’t drink coffee.” I said, “drink it tonight.” He said, “I don’t drink coffee, I don’t like coffee” I said, “Drink it tonight, do it. Drink the coffee.” and he said, “okay,” you know,
and he drank the coffee now I think I’d went too far because he was, he was nuts. He had a nervous breakdown in the corner
and it’s a great scene where we… …where Gene goes bananas and I…you know
I shot it twice but the first take was it it was just brililant and
it’s still, you know, one of the best funny scenes
I’ve ever done in my life. Listen… Alberto Sordi was Fellini’s leading
man for two of his greatest pictures Sceicco Bianco “The White Sheik.” It’s a great, great movie that Fellini made and his first, it could have been his first movie
“I Vitelloni” And Sordi was just impossibly sweet,
simple, clear, talented and I had that with Gene Wilder. Everything Gene did for me as a film artist
was angelic and supreme.


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