Installing RootsMagic 4 on Mac with CrossOver

This video will show you how to install the
application you want using CrossOver Mac. The first thing we are going to do is install
the CrossOver Trial version on our computer. If you’ve already got CrossOver on your machine,
feel free to skip ahead to the next step. To install the Trial, first fill out the Trial
form, then download the software to your machine. If you’re running Safari, the CrossOver installer
will typically load automatically. If you’re running a different browser, you’ll click
on the install file in your Downloads folder. Now, drag and drop the CrossOver application
into your Applications folder. CrossOver is now on your machine, and you’re ready to install
Windows applications. Now that you have CrossOver on your Mac, you
can install your Windows application by clicking on the big, orange “Install via CrossTie”
button. If you’re running Safari, CrossOver’s installer will launch automatically. With
other browsers, you may have to save the CrossTie installation file to your computer, then click
on it to run it. Now CrossOver will take over, and get busy installing your software. This
can take a while, depending on whether your application needs to download components and
so forth. But all you need to do is click when the application’s installer asks you
to. Once the application is installed, CrossOver
will let you know that it is done. CrossOver will also create a launcher icon, so you can
run your app. At this point, you’re off to the races. Just click and run. If you have any problems, of course, feel
free to get ahold of us. And thank you for using CrossOver!

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