InThoseGenes: Discover the Real You

– I wanted to find out who I am. – I wanted to know
what makes me, me. (inspirational piano music) – And that’s why I
used InThoseGenes
to get my pie chart, to find out exactly who I am. – The most surprising
result is that I’m 23% dumb ass who stands immediately
when the plane lands, knowing damn well I
ain’t going no where. – I’m 1/3 people
pleaser, 1/3 loud mouth breather,
and 1/3 a** eater. Honestly, I thought that
percentage would be much higher because I love
chewing on that booty. – I am so excited
to find out that I am 52% woman who
loudly and confidently pronounces the L in salmon. What can I say? I walk the walk and
I talk the talk. Why would the L even be there? – I used to wonder why my
wife and girlfriend hated me. Now I know it’s because
I’m 98% not shit, ain’t never been shit,
and will never be shit. The other 2%? Man of God. – When I found
myself in the trunk of Diane Keaton’s car on
Christmas Eve, high as a kite, that bitch get turnt,
she stabbed three people. My results? Oh yeah. This says I’m 117%
person who has a short attention span due to
the consumption of hard drugs. (gasps) Oh, my god. That’s a chart. – I’m 50% person who
says ax instead of ask. Must be my Black
part, I’m biracial. And I’m 50% racist,
which is why I made that joke about Black people. Must be my white half. Can I call the cops on
these results (chuckles)? I’m only joking, partially. – Walk, calm, lip balm. – I’m eating some butt tonight. – I feel a breeze,
is that a ghost? – [Narrator] And for
an additional $9.99, you can trace your
actual genealogy and find out where
you came from. – This is a little heavy. (chains rattling) Are you for real? Why do Black folks do this? (chains rattling) Who did this? – [Narrator] InThoseGenes
takes the mystery out of what makes us this way, by using our unique
DNA fingerprints to answer the age-old question, who am I, who are
you, who are we? (chains rattling) (overlapping angry chatter) – Do you guys have a– – Wait why does she have a whip? – Oh it’s because I’m biracial. This is highly problematic but contextually, very accurate. (overlapping chatter) – [Narrator] InThoseGenes,
in no way affiliated with R&B artist Ginuwine.

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