Introducing Record Detective™ by MyHeritage

With the new Record Detective™ by
MyHeritage family history research just got a whole lot easier The Record Detective™ is a unique
technology that uncovers genealogical clues and new information for you This means that you can discover a lot
more about your family history in a lot less time The Record Detective™ is clever enough to
turn a single record you stumble upon into a source for many more records Here’s how it works First, search for one of your ancestors, just
type in the name and add dates and any other information you have In just a few seconds you’ll get your
results Normally your search would end with the
record shown on this page but not anymore The new Record Detective™ does the
investigative work for you extending the paper trail automatically Just scroll down and you’ll see a
summary of other records and related people linked to the record you’ve just
found For example, we found a tombstone photo
and below it the Record Detective™ shows you a photo of the person, a link to
their birth census and marriage records and even newspaper articles about them
as well as a link to their family tree Click on the family tree to connect to it’s owner to verify and collaborate on your shared ancestry As another example let’s say you discovered someone in a
US census the Record Detective™ could show you
other census entries for that person, newspaper articles about his son or even immigration papers of his spouse MyHeritage lets you access many of these
records for free and for premium data there are affordable
pay as you go credits or a data subscription for unlimited access Together with the largest international
collection of family trees, a massive library of historical records and some
powerful search technology the Record Detective™ will help you make
difficult discoveries at the drop of a hat Try Record Detective™ by MyHeritage
today and discover your past fast


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