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ERIC LANDER: Hi, I’m Eric Lander. I’m a professor of biology at MIT and a
professor of systems biology at the Harvard Medical School. I was one of the principal leaders
of the Human Genome Project. And today, I’m the president and
founding director of the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, where
we’re standing here now. And I’m the teacher for 7.00x,
Introduction to Biology, The Secret of Life. In 7.00x you’ll be guided through the
basics of biology, starting with the work of Gregor Mendel and coming up to
most current techniques being used in genomics today. We’ll explore introductory biology
in a way never done before. What’s so amazing about modern biology
is in an introductory course you can actually understand things that are
happening right at the frontier. And it’s really pretty cool. This course has the same materials and
rigor that we give to MIT students here on campus. Science is about asking deep and
fundamental questions, and then teasing those answers out of nature. Through your problem sets and
exams, you will learn to think like a scientist. After completing this course, you will
be able to apply a common toolkit to biological problems, and be able to
understand breakthroughs involving cancer and heart disease, which you’ll
read about in the news today. I have never been more excited about the
opportunity for all of us around the world to talk together about this. Come join us on this journey. Everyone should know
the secret of life.


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