Is A MLM Genealogy List A Good Investment?

hello George lugo jr from Queens
New York have a question are you ever asking is a
MLM genealogy list a good investment can really help me build my business on this video minute I break down what
a mlm genealogy list is and if it’s a good investment for your
business so let’s start off with what is a mlm genealogy lists MLM genealogy list genealogy list is a list of names email and phone numbers over real people well so far so good right well these names
come from a place where a network marketing company close down and
they’re selling the last it could be from someone they get
kicked out of the company for whatever reason and their lists giving from
many different areas the thing is with that with an MLM
genealogy list you have to understand that it’s very
expensive because it’s a real name is a real emails real phone number the problem is
you are not the only one buying it their tons and tons of people think about this way have you ever
gotten 5 phone call broadcast those annoying phone calls you are in a mlm genealogy list because some people are
calling you let alone each lead cost about five
dollars i’ve seen upwards of five to ten dollars per lead so is this NOT a good investment to build
your business well the people that you calling
probably been out of the company for maybe a year
two years three years don’t you think they already looked for a
company maybe possibly found or even quit so is it a good investment
for your business my opinion now these are people that
don’t want phone calls these are people that when
you call them they already got prospected by 20 other
people that paid five to ten dollars for their information you know it like I
said before have you ever got a voice broadcast you know this is annoying you hit do not
call on another one comes another one comes in. your are maybe 20 30 40 50 list that are
being sold do you really want to hear from these
people the answer is No why because they are
not looking for an opportunity if they were looking for
an opportunity to just go online and find an opportunity is just that
simple you calling them they are sick of it and to
pay five to ten dollars per lead is absolutely ridiculous and I
strongly do not recommend in MLM genealogy list here is what
I do recommend I recommend that you generate your only mlm leads and why is that well if you generate your own lead this is
someone that trust you this is someone that
wants to know more about what you are doing and they will give you there information with their permission you see an MLM genealogy list they didn’t asked to be on that list and didn’t asked for
you to call them while a lead you generate is the a lead that you have generated a
lead that is a person that said yes I want more information about
whenever you’re offering and I want you to call me that’s huge that is bigger so the
question is how do you generate a mlm lead you know and I’m gonna give you really
quick tips by the end this video i’m going to give you a
powerful resource where it will get into detail on how to
generate leads for your MLM network marketing business
so really quick yeah I love the Home Depot
approach the Home Depot approaches hey we have a training coming up for contractors as
laying down wood floors and with this training you will
save fifty percent of the time by coming to the training and yet guess what I mean
saving time that’s more money lay down floors fifty percent of
the time quicker now make more money make
more money per hour so the contractors will go to
Home Depot for the training and the training talks about how to
lay down wood floors fifty percent faster right by the end of that training guess what they’re recommending they’re
recommending a screw gun they’re recommending a drill
the recommending and nail gun and guess what it’s all right here it’s the
same thing in your network marketing business you create training value have people
come to you show that value though in the exchange
using their name their email sometimes their
phone number and now you have a lead now if you want more information on how
to generate new leads if you’ve never generated a lead before
or you just don’t understand what value what value can i give i’m brand new
I need people to talk to all you need to do is click the link
below and enter your name your best email and you’ll get to a
presentation where it was show you exactly exactly
how this platform can help you build your business you
can’t generate leads and have people sign up into your mlm network marketing business so I hope this video helps you I hope you understand what
an MLM genealogy list to see on stumbling over my words if this brought you some value
that in comment and share I always appreciate that go ahead click
the link below enter your name your best email
watch the presentation take care I’ll see you in the inside

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