Is Genetic Testing The Next Cycling Performance Frontier? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 65

– Welcome to the GCN Tech Show! This week we’ve got a new
time trial bike, new tools, as well as some new pedals too. As well as all the usual favorites, including the bike
vault and your upgrades. – Cool
– Let’s do it then, mate. – I’m looking forward to this. (upbeat music) – Firstly then, let’s
give a deserved mention to the new Cervélo P5 time trial bike. Now Cervélo, they know a few things about aerodynamics, because after all, they were the real pioneers, if you like, of the aero road bike gang, weren’t they? Because, while they had the soloist, it was really summit 2002, and then a few years later, well, it had taken plenty of
victories, hadn’t it, because the CSC team practically dominated cycling around that time. – They quite did. – Yeah, now part of the
redesign for the P5, the new one, is in fact, the cut out on the downshoot there, just to get the front
wheel nice and close, just to aid a bit of the air flow over the rest of the bike. – [Chris] Yep, there’s also
a redesign around the back, around the seat shoot
and the seat stay joint. They’ve now lost the aero fin
that they had there before. It’s a little bit more curved, isn’t it? – [Jon] Yeah, it looks
nice though, at the back. – [Chris] Yeah
– [Jon] Big fan of that. But the biggest change
though, definitely has to come from the new handlebars. It uses the speed riser
system, which is new to me. Now, the idea– well the
great thing about this really, is that it gets rid of all
those spaces and wedges that you know loads of riders use. Don’t they?
– [Chris Yeah. It’s a bit ungainly isn’t it?
– [Jon] Yeah. Well years ago riders used to just get as low as possible, thinking, well that was
just faster possibly, so that works. But actually, it’s not is it? – [Chris] No. – [Jon] Because you end
up losing loads of power. Though you gain some aerodynamic. Generally, the offset is not favored. – [Chris] It’s not
worth it anymore, is it? – [Jon] No. Exactly. – [Simon] There’s better ways of doing it. – [Jon] So yeah, we’re
just having a little bit of quick look at how it works. Well it works wonders I think. – It looks good too! – Yeah! Now it’s how it
will adjust in place. There’s just a single wedge there, so if you’re out on the road and you just want to play around with the position a little bit, you can just undo it a fraction, lift it up, and tighten it and you’re offset again. – It’s one of those inventions that as soon as you see it, you wonder why no one else did it before, isn’t it? – [Jon] Yeah. At first,
I thought to myself oh that can’t be very strong, how on earth would– but, actually, when you think about it, when you’re on the skis there, you’re not really putting that much power onto it are you? – [Chris] No you’re not totaling on it. You’re not stood up,
wrenching on it, right. – [Jon] No. Of course its 22% stiffer in the head tube and 26% stiffer around the bottom bracket. It is also more aerodynamic
than its predecessor. And in keeping with modern design ideas, it’s only available in disc. It seems all that should
leave for tighter work. – Yeah it baffles me really. A time trial bike is
probably the only time where you think to yourself, well don’t really wanna
touch the brakes at all. – No, speed adjusters not stoppers. – Yeah, the only time it
could be useful I suppose is in a time trial that’s
particularly hilly. – Yup, maybe wet. – Yeah, exactly. Maybe a wet one. Anyway, alright skeptics,
you can be at ease now because it looks like twelve
speed is here to stay. And the reason being, ParkTool have just released two new tools to specifically work with
twelve speed groupset. – [Chris] Nice! – [Jon] So we got a chain whip, as well as a chain tool there. And of course they’re to deal with the narrow width of those chains. – [Chris] Yep. Campag and Shimano both
have 12 speed groupsets and it’s unlikely that they’re gonna go back to an eleven speed. – [Jon] Yeah. – [Chris] Makes me wonder what you’ll do for a Rotor groupset there. – That’s right, yeah, 13 speed. I don’t know, don’t know. If anyone knows, if anyone’s got one or Rotor if you’re watching, let us know, how we’re going
to work on your products. – Just file down a part tool one. – Yeah, something like that I suppose. (transition music) – Well this is a GCN Tech Show segment with a difference, firstly
because we’re in the GCN set, but secondly, it’s not
actually the GCN set because we are at the
GCN Mallorca live event. The reason being, we’ve been joined by Dr. Dan Reardon, who is
one of the co-founders of Fitness Genes, which
is a company that does genetic testing with a view to helping you improve your performance,
improve your training, and potentially change
your nutrition as well. So Dan, this is a pretty– well for me anyway, quite a new strand of science, and I know very little about it, but it’s very intriguing. So can you basically
describe what you guys do and what you might actually get out of it? – Absolutely. Thanks for that introduction. So, our focus is really all about how can we use genetic data, because there’s lot’s of it, to provide actions for people that they can actually follow that are going to have an impact
on whatever their goal is. So, is their goal to lose weight? Is it to improve their
cycling performance? Is it to build muscle? Whatever that might be, we’re looking at traits or the way we
combine genetic information with certain pieces of
biometric data as well to construct actions that people can then follow to achieve their goals. – Okay. And so, can you give us
an example then of what you might actually find out
from your genetic testing that you can then put into practice and potentially ride your bike faster. – Yeah, for sure. So, I think that one of the traits that we’ve actually found
people are quite receptive to, is hearing about their
caffeine metabolism. – [Simon] Yes, I can imagine that. – [Dan] So caffeine is quite interesting. Caffeine get broken down
into three substances: paraxanthine, theobromine,
and theophylline. – [Simon] Okay. – And the rate at which
it gets broken down varies between people. And it varies in a
couple of different ways. One, it can vary because of
how much coffee you drink. – Okay. – But two, it can vary depending on what gene variations you have, specifically for the SIP-1A2 gene. Now, there’s been lots
of research that shows that caffeine can have
a really positive effect on sports performance, for some people. – Right. – But not for everybody. Now, the positive effect probably come from where caffeine is broken down quickly and it exposes paraxanthine
and theophylline. Theophylline helps relax smooth muscle, so it makes blood vessels bigger. And the paraxanthine helps stimulate through a reaction with the hypothalamus, pituitary and the adrenals
the release of adrenaline, that obviously gives you
that fight or flight, want to perform type response. – [Simon] Quite a bit
to think about there. Now you tested some people who have been at GCN Mallorca. Did you have to break the
bad news to any of them that maybe their pre-ride coffee, or their during ride coffee, was not actually going to
improve their performance even if it tasted really good? – Well, there’s definitely one person who I’m going to be having a chat with about probably reducing
their coffee consumption. – [Simon] Really? – [Dan] Yeah, just one
person out of the ones we’ve tested so far. – [Simon] Okay. – [Dan] Yeah, I mean– To be honest with you, when it comes to giving this sort of information, especially with athletes, they rarely view things as bad because everyone’s here to try and improve their performance. So, anything positive you can tell them, any positive information
you can give them, is ultimately going to help them achieve what it is they’re looking for, which is to be a better athlete. – [Simon] Right. – Really the information
we’re trying to look at is the stuff that is perhaps, really additive to what
people already know. So, we’re not really
trying to figure out how cycling coaches should coach their squad because they’ve got so many years of experience to know that. What we’re looking at is
the pieces of information that there is no way on this
Earth that you could know; knowing someones nitric oxide production, knowing whether someone is at risk of zinc deficiency or magnesium deficiency, knowing if someone has as an increased requirement for vitamin E in response to the hostility of the environment. All of these pieces of information that you wouldn’t otherwise know. They’re the types of information that we’re trying to build. And I would say at the moment we have in the region of about 60 or 70 pretty impactful traits that can kind of give small bits of information that could have very, very small effects or long term can have some
quite significant effects. – It’s a really interesting
avenue to look at, isn’t it? Thanks very much for giving us a very brief synopsis
– Pleasure. of what is, I would imagine, an exceedingly
complicated process. But yeah, thank you very much. – Thank you. (transition music) – More tech news now. US company Tririg, who make all sorts of time trial specific parts, have released a new arm rest. – [Jon] Yeah, that’s right. So the new refined Ergo Cups, instead of using the round holds to attach them onto the handlebars, instead they actually use these oblong shaped ones instead. So, that means you have
ultra micro adjustability. Which, if anyone out there’s ever ridden a time trail bike, you want it, don’t you? – [Chris] Yeah, they look really good, micro adjusting, you know, get your elbows anywhere you want. – [Jon] Yeah and the really
cool thing about this company is that when you start looking around pro bikes, you know the
world tour and such, you start seeing their products popping up on different rider’s bikes. And I think that’s ultra cool that a really small company, well I think they are anyway, you got the worlds best riders wanting to use their products. – Yeah that’s really cool and you see them grow over the years as their niche little product kind of makes its way into
the mainstream customer. – Yeah.
– It’s brilliant. Nice.
– Nice. – Anyways, fresh news out of France now and Look have released the Look Kéo Blade Carbon Ceramic. – [Jon] That’s a mouthful. – It is a bit. And they say that their ball bearings in these pedals will last four to six times longer than the steel equivalent. And also, they’ll spin more freely on the axle, reducing
resistance, friction. And particularly useful to those of us who live in wetter climates, the axle is guaranteed to be fully waterproof when submerged in water. – That’s good news isn’t it? – It’s quite clean that. – Especially if you’re a triathlete. – Yes, or you want to go aqua-biking. – Yeah, I’ve never
wanted to do that though. Anyway, more tech next week. (drill sound) – Alight it’s know time
for the part of the show called Screw Riding Up
Grades, Buy Upgrades, where you could be with
the chance of winning the coveted GCN workshop apron. We’ve got a new one actually. I don’t know where it is? Have you seen it? – I’ve seen one in the building. I’ve not seen one in the set. – Yeah, actually I wore it when I showed everyone how to wash it properly, just last Monday actually on the maintenance Monday, so if you’ve not seen it yet go and check it out, but not just yet. Anyway, how do you get to win one? Well you’ve got to submit
before and after pictures of your pride and joy I guess. – Yeah. – Once you’ve upgraded it. The idea behind it is
that the viewers then vote and they decide who wins,
not us, which is nice. – We only try to influence you. – Exactly. – We’re not really meant to do that. – Yeah, we’re not. We don’t feel guilty or anything. (laughter) Right, anyway, first
up we need to announce last weeks winner. It wasn’t close, was it Jon? – [Jon] It wasn’t, no. – [Chris] 81% of the vote
went to Ken (unclear). – Well done Ken. Get in touch with us on Facebook. We will arrange one of those workshop aprons over to you. Right. – Let’s get a laptop in. – Let’s do it for this week. – Right, this week is Martin, from London in the U.K. and
his specialized Langster. Martin hit a pot hole and came off his bike and he broke his collarbone. – Oh! – Nasty. – Two months in a sling and bored, Martin was searching the interbike– interbike? Internet for any bike related deals. He stumbled upon this specialized Langster for eighty pounds. Good value – Bargain. – The plan was to tidy it up and sell it. Martin decided to strip off the paint and expose the raw aluminum. And the more he sanded
it, the better it looked. Martin sprayed the forks in matte black and ordered some decals and then coated the
frame in a clear lacquer, fit it to new components and
turned it into a road bike. – There is the foil, short stemmed beast. – Yeah, that actually looks quite cool. You can see why– – Twitchy handling that
would be wouldn’t it? – Yeah it wouldn’t be
much fun, I don’t think. – Such a short stem no? No brakes as well, so yeah,
it’s strictly not road legal – Yeah, then we can see
it on the kitchen table, I’m sure that went down well
with whoever you live with. – Yeah, been there, done that. Got the hit ’round the back of the head. (laughter) – He’s not joking. – Yeah. – And then finally. – Look at it. – Yeah. – That’s nice isn’t it? – I love the bare aluminum frame. – Yeah, big fan of that, yeah. – It’s a brave thing to
do but it is really cool. How do you maintain that? Do you have to really lacquer it or are you going to let the, what do they call it, aluminum worm? Sometime you get to see those little- – Yeah, I wouldn’t do that. I mean it starts to like
bubble doesn’t it, the paint? And eventually it just,
collapses into dust. – Shawn, don’t tell Martin. Ah no Martin, that’s really cool. – Yeah right, well
Martin is up against Tom from Pitman, New Jersey in the United States of America. Now Tom decided to start
upgrading his 2001 Trek 5200. – Oh nice. Oh I remember that carbon frame. – Yeah, replaced pretty much everything, new zip 404s, with some Michelin power competition rubber, eastern carbon bars, control tech stem and carbon seat push, new saddle, new Tiagra crank set, new shifters, all new
Shimano integral cabling, one new Shimano 105 R7 Phaser rear brake. And that is when Tom
decided he wasn’t satisfied. – [Chris] Ah Tom. – After all that time,
effort, and investment into this bike, he got one front brake away from completely overhauling the bike, and decided it was N+1 time. That is a nightmare isn’t it? It’s a slippery slope now Tom. – Yeah. – In comes a new Trek Maddon SLR 6 disk, in a matte gray, metallic silver color. Tom couldn’t be happier and now has two amazing bikes to choose from depending on the weather. – Well that sounds cool. – Yeah, I mean I like that Trek, that first Trek. I really like that with the white bar tape and the white saddle. – [Chris] Well it comes from an era that’s quite fascinating in pro
cycling really, as well. – Yeah. – [Chris] OCLV carbon. – I love that. – [Chris] Yeah. – Yeah, absolutely love them. – It’s a lovely shaped frame. You know what I’d be really curious- – We haven’t even talked
about this new bike. – I know. We all know what those
bikes look like that. – [Jon] Yeah. They’re nice bikes, they’re great bikes, they’re fast bikes. I would love to know how it feels going from one to the another because– – Yeah – There’s a huge leap in engineering between those two bikes. – Both like range topping bikes as well. – Yeah. – Do you know what, I mean yeah we don’t try to influence you or anything, but Tom, personally I prefer the 5200. – Yeah. – But then to that new metal. I don’t like the color of that. – It’s a little more
character to the 5200. – Yeah and you got all that weight and then you just… – Well I suppose Tom’s kind of submitted two bikes there for you to vote for, hasn’t he? – Yeah. Anyway, well we’re not
going to decide are we? – We’re not.
– Vote up there. (transition sound) – Bike of the Week time now. And we have to announce
last weeks contenders and it was Greg Van Avermaet’s Giant, up against Elia Viviani’s Pinarello. – [Jon] Oh. – And coming away with a
very slender 51% of the vote, it was the Pinarello of Elia Viviani. – [Jon] There we are, the trek bike wins. – Yeah, I’m not surprised though that is absolutely stunning. – Yeah, they’re two kind of different golds as well weren’t they? – Yes. – Because Viviani’s was really metallic whereas Greg’s is quite sort of like just a bit more subdued I guess – I think if it was my bike, I would’ve gone for Viviani’s. – Yeah. – As in that sort of effect
if I was an Olympic champion. – Yeah, definitely. I would’ve probably painted
myself gold as well. – Yup. – Right anyway, this week
then the contenders are, well first up is the Trek Madone of Jolanda Neff of Trek-Segafredo. I think that bike is a stunner. – [Chris] I’m looking at
it right now on my laptop and it is beautiful. – [Jon] Yeah, the logos on that bike, I really love what they’ve done there to match up with the, what the Nor team (unclear) he’s the Swiss road race champ. Got full strand access groups set on their Bontrager wheels. And it’s up against the bikes of EF Education First, Cannondale system six. This one belonging to Simon Clark, great looking bike, got a tie dye, using the old school
Cannondale logo on there too. – [Chris] I like that logo, big fan. – [Jon] Yeah. – Yeah, it looks great, doesn’t it? Shimano Dura-Ace groupsets
both of them as well, got disc brakes on both of them. They’ve got Vittoria sides. – [Chris] And they’re both arrow. – Yeah, but who’s it going to be, is it going to be that Trek Madone or is it going to be the
Cannondale system six? – I think I know the answer to this. But it’s not up to us to decide. Up there. – Over there, yeah. I wonder who you’re
going to go for actually. – I’d go for the Trek, Jon. I just think the white
bike and those colors. – Yeah, I quite like the
old school Cannondale logo. – Yeah, well there’s things
about both of them that I like, but you can only chose one. – Yeah you can. You can’t influence the votes, Chris. – Oooo. (laughs) (transition music) – Right, now time for the Bike Vault, the moment of the show where we rate your bikes either nice or super nice. Of course if they get a super nice you get a ring of the big ole bell. And I think Chris is going to be the bell ringer this week. – Sweet, I love ringing
my big ole bell Jon. – Yeah.
(bell jingles) Now, if you– Hold it steady. If you want to stand a chance of getting into the Bike Vault all you got to do is submit pictures of your bike and make it look as bling as possible. Well actually no you don’t do you? It’s not all about bling bikes. – Just a picture a picture
that shows your bike clearly. – We bang on week in week out about how to get it super nice and well some of you listen, some of you don’t. – And there are no rules. If you played the game that
Hank and I played last week, then you’re likely to get
a very good super nice. – Yeah. – Quite easily, it’s a
good game that joint, you should try it sometime. – Yeah, yeah I should. So make sure you use the uploader it’s all down there in
the description below, so you can upload pictures of your bike. Right, so this week Mr.Opie he’s back. He’s been in Mallorca. He’s refreshed. It’s time for him to, well, go through this weeks contenders. – Right then, first up we have Constantine, Larry versus Harry Bullet in Geneva, Switzerland. I chose this one for the Bike Vault Jon, because I like it. It’s a time trail bike. – [Jon] I don’t know what I’m looking at. – [Chris] A delivery bike. – [Jon] It’s absolutely, a time trail bike mixed in with a cargo bike. – [Chris] Yeah, he’s been
using it for just over a year. He’s only just taken a few pictures. Halo rims, Super Nova lights, Dura-Ace, Alfine Di2, 11 speed drive train. – [Jon] So he’s got Di2 on that? – [Chris] Yep. I’m not quite sure how that works with an Alfine hub. – [Jon] Yeah. No, no, no, no yeah
they make an Alfine hub. The Di2 one yeah. – [Chris] Oh sweet. Gee, I never knew that and a belt drive which is great, low maintenance. – I’m loss for words, just
give a ring of your bell. (bell ringing) – Who’s up next? Oh my word. – [Jon] Well this is Chris. Where’s Chris from? Névache. Névache, I think that’s
in France isn’t it? – [Chris] Yeah. – [Jon] Viche?. Ah it’s a Look KG85 full
Dura-Ace roll saddle. Apparently bought it for
a very reasonable price. First ride of it, fantastic ride. That bike, we’ve seen a
few of these recently. – [Chris] It’s beautiful. – [Jon] I was looking for one. I just couldn’t find any information. You know basically Sean Fernando Eno used, or LeMonde back in the day and just couldn’t find much but, now it seems like they’re all coming out of the wood work. Everyone’s got one. The only thing I don’t like though is the use of the helmet as a bike stand. – [Chris] No okay, that’s not great yeah. I don’t like that. – [Chris] It does detract a little bit. But, it’s not about the helmet. – Yeah that’s just a beautiful bike. It’s a really iconic bike. You’re also getting the
super nice for that. – Yes! (bell rings) That was easy wasn’t it? – I wish I didn’t say anything. Right, go on, who’s next? – A bit different, JP’s
58 centimeter Boo RSX. He’s in Cherry Creek State Park, Aurora. – [Jon] Colorado is it? – [Chris] Looks like Colorado. Well it’s pretty cool if you ask me. – [Jon] Yeah. – [Chris] It’s Chris King
headset MB4, Campag course 11. – [Jon] You don’t see much
Campag on bikes, do you? – [Chris] No, not that
generation either actually. It looks completely different to the modern day Campag stuff. Some Reynolds carbon
wheels, that sort of thing, Avid BB7s. – [Jon] Thomson stand. – [Chris] Do you like Thomson? – [Jon] Oh yeah, really nice, aren’t they? – [Chris] Especially that laid back seat post he’s got there. – [Jon] Yeah they always look funny, because they look like
they’re bent don’t they. I mean they are bent, but they look like they’ve been bent. – [Chris] Yup. It’s a bit different that bike. – [Jon] Yeah, it is. – [Chris] Don’t feel the pressure. – [Jon] No, I’m not. I just like bikes from side on. Unless there are like
certain really fancy angles that’s not quite of that sort of aspect. – [Chris] No. – [Jon] You know you get
some that are more like forty five or more- – [Chris] Well, it is
a multi tube type bike. – [Jon] Don’t feel the pressure he says, (laughs) starts zooming in on it. He’s like, it’s a multi tube bicycle, go out and buy them from bamboo. – [Chris] Well, I’m sorry, yeah. – It’s a nice bike.
– It’s a nice bike – It’s a beautiful bike, just not quite super. – [Chris] Next up we have a Brottecchia. You don’t see them very
often anymore do you? – [Jon] No you don’t, no. – [Chris] Alex from Brill
Windmill near Oxford. – [Jon] Oh nice part of the world. – [Chris] Not many miles away. First evening ride of the year, after taking off the mud guards from the commute home. The bike is a tatty
mix, Campag and Shimano, but a nice wide gearing, and it’ll all work smoothly. Which is fair enough. He’s put some clear nail
varnish over any chips. Old school tip there. – [Jon] Yeah, still do that. – [Chris] Preserved the
rat look, as he calls it. – [Jon] Make it less
stealable when parts are maintained while keeping
the surface rust at bay. I like that. That’s a nice bike isn’t it? – [Chris] Yeah, I do like that. – [Jon] It’s nice, it’s kind of… Look at the bar angle though! – [Chris] Yeah I know, I did notice that. – [Jon] (unclear) any rotate around a bit. – [Chris] Right on the drops. – [Jon] Part of this
pains me really because– – [Chris] Stunning frame? – [Jon] It’s such an iconic bike that, well you know, the Bottecchia’s from around that period,
with LeMond riding on it, but it’s just being sort of, almost left to rot. – [Chris] Yeah it’s
just, it’s a nice bike. – [Jon] Is it super nice though? I don’t know. – [Chris] It doesn’t feel like you’re giving me that vibe Jon. – [Jon] No. – No matter what, Alex
great job for using it. – Yeah, nice bike. – Alright, here we go. – Oh, now we’re talking. Right so Biana. Where’s Biana from? – [Chris] Okay, just reading
between the lines a bit here. Biana said that this bike was rebranded at DBX for the Norwegian market. So I’m pretty sure that’s
where Biana’s from. – [Jon] Safe bet. – [Chris] Anyway so Daccordi, now Daccordi’s the hero, beautiful wires. I don’t know if that’s still around. – [Jon] This one still is a beautiful one, – [Chris] This one still is, yeah. Either way, he’s at
home patiently waiting, or impatiently waiting
for the snow to melt. He says sorry for the nondriator picture. But he feels the wonderful nineties paint job beats the spotlight instead of the admittedly very shiny and nice Dura A7800 chain rings. Yeah it’s a good point but I do like a bit of 7800. – [Jon] Do you know
what I like about this? I was a user of these wheels in the past. I didn’t like them on my bike. – [Chris] Yeah. – [Jon] The silver Hunt
rims, they’re modern rims. – [Chris] Yeah, they are aren’t they? – [Jon] And on this, this is the perfect application for them. This is how they should used. – [Chris] But you know
why, ’cause he’s got silver stem, probably bars. – [Jon] And chrome seat stays, and forks. – [Chris] Ah that’s so good. – [Jon] At first I thought
they’d perish them out I was very excited. – [Chris] Outside yeah. – Yeah still a great, I think that people out there are going to be going absolutely crazy, if I say it’s a super nice, because their going to be like oh, it goes against all your rules. But, well we write the rules don’t we? – So we get to break them, come on John. – Exactly, yeah. – Ring the bell.
– Can I? – Yes. (bell rings) – Biana you’re lucky, my friend. You just got very, very lucky. Right, so remember if you want
to get into the Bike Vault, what do they have to do? – Use the uploader tool
in the description below. – Yeah. – And submit it. And we will troll through them, and we enjoy doing so every single week. – Get involved. – Yes, please do. (transition music) – Right, there we are. Nearly time for the end of the show, but don’t worry we’ve got heaps more great content coming out
this week haven’t we? Yep, Olly is over in Taipei as we speak, filming loads of stuff which will be sure to appear on the channel later. – Yeah, I’m really
looking forward to that, because I’ve never managed
to go into that show. – No, I like the bright
lights and the bikes you know, they’re quite cool as well. – Yeah, easy to please this lad. And also we’ve got Olly’s bike where he tackled Sa Calobra. He tried to get up there
in under 30 minutes, find out whether or not
he did this weekend. – Yeah monumental effort on the bike and also off the bike, transforming that into a lightweight climbing bike, that was cool. – Yeah, as well as what
people are actually going to see if we can turn a cheap bike into a super bike in terms of performance. – Yeah, this is the big one isn’t it? And I cannot wait. I get to ride it tomorrow don’t I? – Yeah, you’re really excited aren’t you? – I am yeah, because you completely transformed that bike. – Just don’t crash it. – Well no, I’m not going to crash it, but I am going to ride it hard. – Okay, just go fast then. Right, okay so you remember what to do. Like and share this
video with your friends or why not check out the GCN shop at – – We’ve got loads of stuff
for you to check out. And why not two more great videos, click on him. – Somewhere. – Yeah. – And for the other one on John. – Yeah.


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