It’s a Small World Episode 2 – Take the Plunge | Ancestry

So, we’ve heard them tell
the stories of who they are. So why don’t we get them to
take that test and find out what their DNA can really tell us about
who they are? Let’s find out. ♪ [music] ♪ So what do you know about DNA Testing? I’ve no idea. We provide a sample, and then
from there I’m not really too sure. So we take a sample of your DNA
from your saliva and we look at 720,000 markers on that, and we compare it
against a reference panel that we have. And that enables us to then break down
your ethnic results and tell you where your ancestors came from. It’s absolutely incredible
that you can do this. To see some background
on my life would be fantastic. It would be… Kind of wonder if you can
trace my heritage back to ancient Jerusalem or anything interesting
like that or Babylon or… Because I’ve got so many
bloodlines running through me, so it would be nice to find out. What do you think you’ll find? Basically Greek,
Greek, and more Greek. It would say that I have heritage
from England, Ireland, Scotland. Yeah, I am gypsy. I think so. Feel that I’m probably
all the way blood of Jew, but I want to see how far it go. So, what would you want to find out,
and what wouldn’t you want to find out? Norway, Denmark, Sweden,
and Finland, we kind of compete. So I would say that to me it’s important
to be, you know, completely Norwegian. Probably wouldn’t want to
find out, you know, some sort of sinister family background.
That would be kind of weird, but… I have no issues with
any other cultures, no. I think I’ll be quite pleased
just to find out if there was more connection to African culture. As you said, if I’m not a 100% Jewish,
I don’t really care. I think Hitler taught us not to be too focused on racial purity. I’d love to be a little Greek or
Italian just to…because I find those people a lot more glamorous than
the old Vikings up in the north. I find, like, that whole sort of Viking
culture quite interesting, to be honest. A South American would be
pretty cool, but I think that’s quite far-fetched. That’s
not going to happen. One guy I tested had ancestors
from 19 different places. How varied do you think you will be? I would say maybe six
countries. Yeah, maybe five. Do you think it’s going to
change the way you see yourself? I think it might. When you find
out new bits of information, you start to look at things differently. I don’t think it will change,
but it’s good to find out. I consider myself like a
citizen in the world, you know. I always think the little special things
in one person or in one culture, and that’s how I be without myself. You know, I’m not going to
start walking around in kilt or anything if I find
out its Scottish but… Essentially we’re kind of all
the same if you back far enough, and my blood’s no different to
your blood, and my blood is not that different to the
guys behind the camera. I think all other cultures in the
world add to the amazing tapestry that’s humanity, and it
makes the world go around. It’s the way it should be. Everyone
should respect one another, doesn’t matter where we come from. For some people, DNA can be informative.
It can tell them things they kind of already know about themselves, and
for others, it can be transformative. It can really change the way they
see themselves and other people. It can answer some questions, but of
course, it can often present many many others. Are you ready to find out? I’m open to it. I couldn’t think of anything
that would shake me. I’m a pretty relaxed type of guy. I am pretty confident. There shouldn’t
be any surprises in there, but who knows? I think it’d explain a few things
about the way that I look, so… A little scary to find out,
also excited to find out. We’ll see, I guess. I’m just ready for it. If anything connects me to a
broader community and to the world. I have no idea what I’m going to find
out in there. It’s going to be a surprise, and I’m happy with that. Yes, I am eager to find out. So do you know how it works? Really curious as to how
they would be able to map DNA just from a little bit of spit. So you order a kit from the site. It
turns up in the post. You open it. You activate the kit online, special
code associated with the kit. You open it up, and you spit in the tube,
and it’s quite a bit of spit. Have to fill it up to that black line that’s on the
tube. Now, it will take a while but don’t worry about that. Seal it up. Let the
blue liquid flow black into the tube. Put it in the box and put it in the post,
and it’ll make its way to the lab and then six to eight weeks later, you
get that email that tells you your results are ready. Is that something that you’d
like to find out, if you had cousins elsewhere in the world? Well, I would be very interested to
find out I have someone, because at the moment I have nobody. It could be a good feeling to have some
family in Australia where you can spend the rest of your life. Yeah, I’d love to find them.
I hope they’re good people. And so now we’ve got a couple of weeks
of perhaps anxious waiting for those guys until we come back and, you
know, tell them who they really are. ♪ [music] ♪


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