It’s a Small World Episode 4 – Our DNA Journey | Ancestry

So we’re back here in Bondi.
The results are in. There’s been tears. There’s been laughter. We’re
going to get the guys together so they can share their information and find
out just how alike they really are. Let’s have a look at this tiny slice of
the world here in beautiful Bondi Beach. ♪ [music] ♪ Thank you all for coming this
evening to the final episode in the series. It’s a wonderful story, and
there’s still so much more of it to tell. So why don’t we just press
play and get on with it. Yeah. ♪ [music] ♪ You’ve had a couple weeks now
to process that. How has that kind of settled with you? I’m glad that I’m Bushmen. Actually, I feel glad that I did the
DNA test. It gave me a lot of answers concerning my family tree. It explained a lot of sense of
what’s happened to my appearance, the way people see me, so it just
confirmed to me that everything was right. I now have claimed my Viking
heritage, and wherever we go, I let everyone know that I’m a Viking. I’m not happy with I’m where
I’m from. Can I spit again? It’s DNA. It doesn’t lie, and in
many ways, it doesn’t care. It will just give you the brutal truth, and you’ve
got to make sure you’re ready for that. You know, we test for 26 separate
ethnic groups, and the 17 of you that took that test represent every
single one of those ethnic regions. It kinds of bonds everyone
together and makes you kind of feel like one. It’s brought us together, but it’s
also proved that Australia’s an incredibly multi-cultured society. And
just our building, how many parts of the world and how many different backgrounds,
and bloodlines and cultures are just jammed into this one tiny space. We found out we actually have
a lot in common. One of the guys in the building, our genetic list is
pretty much identical. You know, we’re not related or anything but… Closer and they’re all my brothers.
Cousins of some sort of level. Now we’ve become like one
family. It’s really, really nice. – In Nordic, and apologies
for the pronunciation. [foreign language] is I
love you in the old Norse language. So everybody,
[foreign language]. So the other thing that DNA does
is it connects you to other people. So just when you think you might be
alone in the world, or the end of a line, all you got to do is spit in that tube and
it’s amazing how many cousins you’ve got scattered around the globe. You are the
culmination of 2,000 years of human migration around the globe, and
that’s why you’re not just one thing. We’re many, many things, and the
only one thing we are is humans, and I think that has come out through
this whole experience. Our hope, of course, is that that sends you off on a
journey of discovery through finding a personal connection through history. It’s amazing, a little bit shaky but
really exciting experience, and I hope you’ll test it so I
can be related to you. Everyone need to do this.
Everyone need to do this, really. I enjoyed that. It was good fun. It was astonishing. And it’s very nice.
Very good experience. Yes they should
definitely do this. ♪ [music] ♪ When are we going to see
the DNA their spitting in the tube? It’s pretty disgusting though,
watching someone spit.


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