IUAES World Congress 2018 in Florianopolis, Brazil – Travel Professor

Increasing attention is paid to event
sector by the marketers and destination planners. Events can be of different
nature and they can be sports events, cultural celebrations or business events,
the so called MICE sector. MICE refers to meetings, incentives, conventions and
exhibitions. By the destinations MICE sector is seen as an opportunity to
bring in additional number of high spending visitors and increase the
number of visitors during the low season. Also, MICE events can help stimulate the
economy as new business deals can be done during these events or
products can be sold during them. Academic conferences are a part of this
broad event sector. I’m currently attending an International Union of
Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences World Congress at University of Santa
Catarina in Florianópolis, in Brazil. Florianópolis has a population of around
500,000 people and is a popular tourist destination mostly due to 44 beaches it
has. Although, there are also some historic and cultural attractions. In contrast to many other events,
commercial success is not a main aim for academic conferences. Usually, the hosting
institution is happy to break even. The main purpose for the hosting
organization of hosting such event is to create publicity, raise its profile in
the academic world, demonstrate its achievements and leadership in the field.
We certainly learned a lot about current research and other activities that Federal
University of Santa Catarina undertakes in anthropology. During the conference
several field trips were organized to educate delegates about social, cultural
and environmental issues and projects in Santa Catarina state. I joined the tour
to the indigenous community of Mbya Guarani people called Morro dos Cavalos.
They are fighting for recognition of the land as their indigenous land. We also
learnt about different aspects of their culture and the success that they have
in education through developing a curriculum that integrates indigenous
knowledge and teaches kids to speak Mbya Guarani language. For individual academics attending
academic conferences is part of the job. What we aim to do is to disseminate our
findings and gain some valuable feedback on our work and also search for other
ideas and new collaborations for future research project. Conferences bring
academic community together and stimulate discussions and debates about
the progress of an academic discipline or field. They’re intellectually
stimulating, but are also fun. In the attending an academic conference is still
part of tourism

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