‘Jennifer Has DNA Test Results!’ Sneak Peek | Mama June: From Not to Hot | WE tv

♪♪ June: I went blind
in my right eye four years ago, and now my good eye
is really bad. What the hell
did you do to it? I don’t know, baby. I just went to sleep,
and I can’t really see. What if this
gets worse? You can’t start with the
negative (bleep) baby. I mean — I mean,
it could go either way. We don’t know. Oh, my God. ♪♪ Here, you have
a washer connection so you can install
your washer here. Pumpkin:
Where’s the dryer go? It’s actually
right in here. I mean, realistically, who puts a dryer
in their living room? I can tell you one place
they wouldn’t. Where? Your mother’s house,
hon! If you want to stay
in that $1,000 price point, this is about
what you’re gonna get. ♪♪ Pumpkin: Earlier,
I (bleep) was about to have a panic attack
at that other place. [Crying]
Just breathe. [Breathing deeply] Is this…
Yeah. Having the test results
in my hand is overwhelming. As soon as I open it up,
we will know the truth. Even after I wanted
to do it so bad, I’m still nervous
about opening this envelope. Woman: Treat it like
a band-aid — Just rip
that sucker open. You always make things
sound so simple. If Alana is Mike’s child, we’re chained to June
for the rest of our lives. But if she’s not
Mike’s daughter, we don’t ever
have to see June again.

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