Jude—Most Urgent Bible Message

Thousands of years ago, Jude warned God’s
people to fight for the truth, even as the entire Church fell prey to attacks from within. Learn how Jude’s hope-filled warning is more
relevant today than ever before-next, on The Key of David, with Gerald Flurry. Greetings, everyone. The book of Jude in the New Testament has
an end-time message, and it’s directed to God’s very elect, and it is perhaps the most
URGENT book in all of the Bible, and certainly has a powerful message, considering it has
only one chapter. But Jude talks about the prophet Enoch and
what he did, and he explains that like nobody else does in the New Testament. So you have to believe he probably got that
from his brother, Jesus Christ, and no doubt his brother, Christ, explained that to him. So he had an unusual brother. But this is one of the most fascinating books
in the Bible I think, and it has a warning about vicious predators entering into God’s
Church, or rising up in God’s Church, and doing all kinds of destructive heresies, and
there were false teachers. And Jude had to DEAL with that crisis, and
it was a crisis about people’s eternal lives being at stake, and also their PHYSICAL lives
being at stake, so it was, indeed, an intense crisis coming upon the Church at that time. But the most interesting thing about that,
of all, is that it’s only a TYPE of what is the message to God’s very elect today. It’s only a type. This message of Jude is primarily for God’s
very elect IN this end time. So this fierce crisis that Jude dealt with
made him CHANGE his message dramatically from what he had intended. Notice Jude 3 [Revised Standard Version],
where it reads, “Beloved, being very eager to write to you of our common salvation, I
found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith which was once for
all delivered to the saints.” See, first of all he’s going to give them
a message about the common salvation. Well, that changed, and it changed because
so much was happening at that time, and his brother, James, who had been killed in 62
A.D., Paul was martyred in 66 to 67 A.D., and Mark AND Peter around 68 to 69 A.D. So you can see that Jude said he was writing
a message about the common salvation, and all of a sudden he wanted to change that. And I think one of the-probably the primary-reason
was the death of Peter, himself, who was the Chief Apostle of God’s Church at that time. He was the leader of the first era of God’s
Church, that Jesus Christ, Himself, established. Now, it could have also been that Peter was,
let’s say, martyred just a few months before, and then his message-especially II Peter 2,
which is almost identical to Jude-he was giving us a prophecy of the urgency of THOSE times,
and at the same time giving US a prophecy of the urgency of OUR times. We need to understand what this message is
about, and why it has everything to do with YOU, and with ME, and with many other people. Now, it could have been a combination of BOTH
those reasons, but everything was revolving around the death of Peter, that’s for sure,
and the message of Peter. It all was revolving around that. So you can check this and we’ll send you our
Peter booklet, that shows you that II Peter is just, again, almost identical to what Jude
wrote, and of course Jude added some information that we really need to make it all understanding
for us today. But here it was like a, just a fierce ALARM
out of the black night, and all of a sudden Jude said, I have to change my message because
we have these disrupting events INSIDE God’s own Church. And people were turning away, God’s own people
were turning away, as they have done in this end time. And again, it’s MAINLY about this rebellion
in the end time and how to solve the Church’s problems. Satan was just implementing a MASSIVE attack
against God’s own Church. So we have to be READY for such a crisis. Peter’s epistle was written just a few months
before Jude’s book, and then a few months after that, Peter was martyred, put to death
with many of the other main prophets and the apostles of that day. Can you imagine that, in this world, that
people would kill God’s prophets like that? What’s wrong with this world? Why is it not nearly as righteous as it thinks
it is? Well, Jude explains that, and he certainly
had some great plagiarism at this crisis at that time. But one of the biggest mysteries of all is
that nobody it seems like in this world, almost nobody, understands this mystery of Jude,
and they don’t understand that it is for our time today, directed to God’s own very elect,
and it explains in a kind of an epic sweep all the problems that we’re facing today,
in a more general way at times, because after all, he only has one chapter, but what a chapter
it is! And how his own brother, Jesus Christ, had
to have a lot to do with him preparing that message, I’m sure. In Hebrews 11 and verse 5, it says this, Paul
had only this to say about Enoch, verse 5 of Hebrews 11, “By faith Enoch was translated
that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for
before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.” So he pleased God, and so God translated him,
and protected him as He does His people in this end time. “Translated” just means moved from one place
to another. And God promises that that’s what He’s going
to do for His people in this end time when the real troubles come. And all you have to do is look around and
see this world full of nuclear bombs and some madmen in charge of them. And how can man ever possibly solve a problem
like this? Well, he can’t, and only God can, and that’s
what we need to understand. People need to understand this. God is sending the message out because He
wants everybody to understand it. He doesn’t want to see them go through the
terrible crisis, like Peter and Jude had to go through in 67, 68, 69 and that time, and
especially 70 A.D. So this Enoch is explained just by Jude, as
I said before. And then just a few months after that, his
warning-maybe just months, possibly a year or two or three, it could have been that much
time-he was warning them about what was coming, and God then took His own people to Pella,
Jordan, and protected them from ALL of the 70 A.D. crisis that just literally led to
a lot of human cannibalism, and people by many thousands were killed by the Roman Empire. They were rebelling AGAINST the Roman Empire
at that time, and also God, as well. But again, this is the only book in the New
Testament that really explains about Enoch, and we certainly need to understand that. Notice verse 14 [Revised Standard Version],
“And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam,” in other words, the seventh from Adam would mean
the seventh father, spiritual father from Adam, or the preacher of righteousness, but
actually he WASN’T the seventh. He was the sixth. Now how do you explain that? Well, you have to look at it spiritually,
and it tells you very clearly, what it means. “And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied
of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints,” Well, notice
that means specifically, “ten thousand,” but he goes on to say, well, this is about the
time when Jesus Christ returns to this Earth! Now, well, what is the seventh from Adam? Well, it means the seventh from the SECOND
Adam, Jesus Christ. Let me just read to you what I wrote in the
Jude booklet. “But notice: Jude describes Enoch as being
the seventh from Adam. If you study the genealogy, you’ll see that
he was actually the sixth ‘from’ Adam. How do we explain this? We have to look at this spiritually. Christ was the ‘last Adam’ (1 Corinthians
15:45). When He came to Earth, He made Peter the physical
head of the first era of the Church.” At that time. “Today we are living in the seventh era from
that second Adam. There is a type of Enoch today-the seventh
from Adam, or in this seventh, Laodicean era.” That we’re living in right now. Lukewarm era. God’s own people have turned away, most of
them. Ninety-five percent of them have turned away
from God! This is the crisis, the REAL crisis! It’s far WORSE than what Jude even saw, and
it’s going to be many times over worse if we don’t wake up and understand what God is
trying to get us to see! He wants to protect us from this terrible
suffering that’s on the horizon. There are seven Church eras. You can read about that in Revelation 2 and
3, those two chapters, and we explain that in our booklet on The True History of God’s
True Church, and we’ll send that to you and you can PROVE it to yourself. After all, the book of Revelation is a book
of prophecy, and when it has those Church eras in the second and third chapters it’s
obviously prophecy throughout the time-span from the first coming of Christ to the Second
Coming. And here we are, in the seventh era, just
before Jesus Christ returns to this Earth. It is good news, overall! But Jesus Christ is going to allow a lot of
suffering before He comes if we don’t wake up and understand what He’s telling us, suffering
like this Earth has never known. But He’s going to end all of it very, very
soon, or there would be no flesh saved alive, as it says in Matthew 24 and verse 21. The book of Revelation puts all of our prophecy
into a time sequence or timeframe, so it is a critical book to understanding Bible prophecy. Where Jude says “the Lord comes with ten thousand
of his saints,” it literally reads “CAME.” It just shows how God is very POSITIVE about
all this and about the people, that ten thousand, a little flock like that. There should be MILLIONS and even BILLIONS,
but people don’t want to really get involved with God, and especially not in this end time. There is a time of the transgressors coming
to the full. They just want to transgress what God tells
them to do, and they’re going to pay a very great price for that. But notice, it literally reads “CAME” instead
of “comes.” God BELIEVES in His people, and He believes
that they’re going to work this out. You can read in Isaiah 16, verses 1 through
5, where God talks about His outcasts. Actually that ten thousand, that little flock,
gets CAST OUT of their own land, and God takes them at that time to a place of protection,
and He promises that SEVERAL places in your Bible. But most people don’t understand that because
they don’t understand their Bibles. But there is going to be in that place of
protection, there is going to be David’s throne and a man’s going to be sitting on it, and
that throne belongs to Jesus Christ, and He’s returning to this Earth to sit on it. So what does THIS have to do with that 10,000? Well, let me read to you what it says in Deuteronomy
33, verses 1 and 2, “And this is the blessing, wherewith Moses the man of God blessed the
children of Israel before his death. (2) And he said, The LORD came from Sinai,
and rose up from Seir unto them; he shined forth from mount Paran,” that’s going to be
the area where God’s people are protected, “and he came with ten thousands of [His saints,
it should read], and it is clearly ten thousand: “from his right hand went a fiery law for
them.” Now, that’s Deuteronomy 33, verses 1 and 2,
and he just happens to be going to this mount Paran to get those ten thousand. And why is He going there? Well, the Throne of David is there, and only
God’s very elect has that throne. It is a NEW Throne of David, and He’s going
to go. Now, if you look at I Thessalonians 4 and
verse 17, it says that all of those saints, those righteous saints that have died in the
past, are going to rise first, and then the people that are alive on this Earth are going
to rise after that in a proper order that God wants them to be raised. But why does Christ personally go to mount
Paran where those ten thousand are? Well, it seems to me it HAS to be because
He’s going to receive His throne! He’s returning to a throne on this Earth,
it says in Luke 1, verses 30 through 33, and many other scriptures. He’s going to get His throne. And then, again, they’ll be taken up into
the air then, those ten thousand will, and He’ll be actually the King on that throne
at that time, and then return to this Earth. And He is going to STOP the evil on this Earth! You can read in Revelation where it talks
about Gog and Magog, where it’s an army of 200 million people! And He’s going to really wreak havoc with
all of those warriors, and it’s going to take seven months to bury Gog and Magog, which
is the kings of the East; that’s what it’s all about. Now, He’s going to put things in order and
speak a language that ONLY this Earth will understand. All the inhabitants are in rebellion, except
the ten thousand. Can you imagine that? A little flock like that out of so many BILLIONS
of people on this Earth? And so I think certainly that is where Christ
is going to receive His throne. That is real! And that’s more real than anything you see
in this world. And it’s been prophesied for thousands of
years! And WE’VE been prophesying it for over seventy
years, warning this world what was coming before Christ returns to this Earth. Because it is in real trouble, the worst trouble
ever, and it’s going to see the worst suffering EVER, if the people don’t wake up! If it doesn’t change its course. So here we have some really I think the most
exciting news you’ll ever find in the Bible. But here, Christ comes with those ten thousand
saints and a fiery law that He’s going to implement when He gets to this Earth. He’s going to do that. Now, you can read in verse 4 where it talks
about “the just shall live by his faith.” That’s Jude 4. The just is going to live by his faith. We’re going to have to live by faith, and
if we live by faith, God will look after us. But you have to use YOUR faith. You can’t use somebody else’s faith. You have to individually build this faith. Galatians 2 and verse 20 says that it’s the
very same faith of Jesus Christ, the same faith He had. Now, that is fantastic, to say the least. But contend, or fight, for that faith, it
says in verse 3, and that means a body of beliefs. We had to go to court and fight for six years
for the truth that Mr. Armstrong established, and people wouldn’t allow us to print any
of it, and for 1150 days there was no Work of God because of that. And God says you’d better CONTEND for the
faith! I want you to FIGHT for it! I want you to love it and show ME you love
it enough to fight for it! And we did, and we won more than we even expected. And it’ll happen that way ANY time if we walk
by the faith that Jesus Christ had. And it says that Enoch prophesied about the
days leading up to Noah’s flood. But then it says in Matthew 24, verses 37
through 39, that, “But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son
of man be.” In other words, what Enoch did is a type of
what we’re going to do. He warned the known world at that time, and
how many people heeded his message? Eight people! Noah, his wife, his three sons
and their wives, and that’s it! Everybody else died in the flood. Now, how many are going to get the message
today? Well, just a little flock, God says, unless
they wake up, unless people wake up. You can read all of that in Matthew 24, verses
37 through 40, and it says there at the end of all of that, it says it’s all going to
be just like it was in the days of Noah, in this end time, when Enoch prophesied. But then it concludes by saying that, (40)
“Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.” In other words, the Laodicean Church is going
to be left behind to face the Great Tribulation because they’ve rebelled against God, unless
THEY wake up. Fifty percent of them are going to lose their
eternal lives! But the other one left. Where did it go? Well, it’s the ten thousand that went to that
place of protection that Jude is talking about throughout. Noah prophesied by I believe a hundred years
about the flood that was coming, and who believed him? Well, just his family and that’s all. So how many today are really going to BELIEVE
Christ? It’s all PROVABLE in your own Bible, and all
of this is for the last days! Jude discusses the “last time.” Verse 18. Well, what does that mean? It means, the Greek word for “last” means
extreme, most remote, in reference to time, generally that which concludes everything,
from the Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible. But the “time” means measure of moments. That’s why I said this book is so URGENT! It’s more URGENT than any book in the Bible
I do believe! Because God says don’t just look at the last
end, or the last hour. Look at the last MOMENTS and see the URGENCY
of the time that we’re living in and all of these terrible trials and tests that are going
on in this world. Just the most, well, cursed Earth you could
imagine. It seems to me, and it certainly is proven
that way in the Bible. So all of this happened with Jude just two
or three years before that 70 A.D. crisis came. How long is it going to take for us to get
to the Great Tribulation today? Because this book is for us! It’s for this end time! It’s about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ! That’s what Jude was talking about, and we
must understand that if we’re ever going to make any progress and stop the horror that
we see around us. God says, Separate yourself from the people
that are a part of all this, and He talks about building your holy faith and praying
in the Holy Spirit (verse 20). Really PRAY and get through to God and build
that holy faith, and PRAY until you KNOW you’re getting through to God, and He will answer,
well, just about as quickly as you could imagine. God wants so much for us to do that. He wants us in verses 21 through 23 say, now
get out and make a difference and help get this Work done. Get this message out! God reveals it and He says, You proclaim it! And He’s holding us responsible for doing
just that! And are we willing to do it? Well, He says that if you look at verse 24
and 25, He says Jesus Christ is able to keep you from falling! He’s snatching people out of the fire, it
says, and He’ll keep you from falling if you’ll look to Him. He’s going to make sure that none of us fall,
like most of God’s people have done. They just simply turned away because they
had a few trials and tests. But those trials and tests give us the character
we need to get into God’s Kingdom and be there for ALL eternity. And with the most rewarding jobs you could
ever even imagine, sharing the very throne with Jesus Christ, the very throne of David. What’s that worth to you? Until next week, this is Gerald Flurry, goodbye,
friends. Request Gerald Flurry’s booklets on Jude and
Peter to discover how to remain hopeful and happy in this depressing world. All our literature is available free of charge,
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