Kangen Zinda Hai – Trailer (Health & Kangen Water) by Anil Shetty & Dr. Ashok Bairi

Hello and Welcome everybody to Yashaswiniam Studio. I am Ashok Bairi your host for the show of Health and Kangen Water
along with Anil Shetty, who is our guest today. Anil Shetty is a Life
Wellness Coach, and he has got plenty of other aspects as well to his
personality, a wonderful man, a wonderful ah! brigade that we have been knowing over a
period of time. What we will do is that we have got plenty of things to talk about
Kangen Water, which is associated with Health. We’ll have a ‘wonderful thing’ that
we’ll be presenting in front of you in a very short period of time, and when you will
watch it – you will have one great understanding of what is the importance
of ‘Water’. So please be in a wonderful phase of this 2017, in 2018 we’ll have the
start up with this – KANGEN WATER . . .

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