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Kendrick Lamar has always infused his family life into his music. On each album he give us more background on his family tree and “DAMN” is no exception But who exactly are these relatives K Dot
speaks of? Here are a few key branches of the Duckworth
family tree. First off, there’s Kendrick’s mom, Paula
Oliver She can also be heard leaving Kendrick voicemails on his major label debut, Good Kid, M.A.A.D City Paula came to LA from Chicago with Kendrick’s
dad 3 years before having him. The couple is still together and have since
had 3 more children after Kendrick. The couple survived off welfare and food stamps
while raising their family. Paula also told Rolling Stone, her jobs varied
from working at Mcdonalds to doing hair at $20 a head. Then there’s Kendrick’s Pops, Kenneth
Duckworth aka DUCKY The chicken spot in question must be KFC.
Kendrick told Rolling Stone that was one of his dad’s jobs while he was younger. That and street hustling on the side. Ducky also gave his son Kendrick a gift that
helped Kendrick find his rap sound On “YAH” Kendrick mentions his niece Syncere
as someone who has given his life new meaning which is a very different tone from his last
album To “Pimp To A Butterfly” where he harshly blamed himself for his little sister Kayla
Duckworth’s teen pregnancy on the track “u”: And now flash forward 2 years to “DAMN” Syncere does love her some uncle Kendrick,
as seen in this video posted by Kendrick’s sister on Twitter where he’s on stage with
President Obama “uncle” “uncle” And then there’s Kendrick’s Cousin Carl,
who offers spiritual guidance straight from the bible to him on the track “YAH” This family tree is strong and wise but could
Kendrick have discreetly mentioned a new member on DAMN as well? Daughter? Is Kendrick being literal here? According to an annotation on the line by
PoeMansDreams, no. Kendrick is being figurative saying “the next generation —symbolized by his
daughter — is starting at a disadvantaged position in life.” I don’t knooowwww I’m Letty for Genius news, bringing you
the meaning and breaking knowledge behind the music. See you next time


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