Kennedy Family Tree

Today I’m going to show you the family tree
of the Kennedy’s. They may not be a royal house, but with so many members serving in
high-ranking government offices, they may be the closest thing to one in America. We’ll
be going from the family’s immigration to America all the way to today, and looking
at what is known as the Kennedy Curse. To begin, we have Patrick Kennedy. He was
a Catholic immigrant who came to America from Ireland in the mid 19th century. He had five
children, the youngest of whom was Patrick Joseph, or P.J. Kennedy, who began the family’s
close connection to politics. He was a state Senator and Representative in Massachusetts
and was something of a party boss. His son was Joseph P. Kennedy, who was the
patriarch of the Kennedy family that people tend to think of. He made his fortune as an
investor before entering into politics, serving as chairman of a few commissions under Franklin
Delano Roosevelt, most notably becoming ambassador to the United Kingdom. He married Rose Fitzgerald, whose last name
you might recognize if you’ve seen Matt’s video on the Fitzgerald family of Ireland
a little while back. She was the daughter of a congressman and she actually became a
member of nobility. Pope Pius XII named her Countess of the Holy See, which is another
name for Vatican City. They had nine children, five of whom would
meet an early death or some other great tragedy. The oldest of their children was Joseph P.
Kennedy Jr. This was JFK’s older brother, who was being groomed for politics by his
father from a very young age. In fact, when he was born, his father proudly announced
“This child is the future president of the nation”. Of course, he did not end up becoming president,
because he was killed in a plane crash in WWII. Had he survived and lived up to his
father’s expectations, our timeline might have been very different: Joseph was known
to be quite sympathetic to Adolf Hitler prior to the outbreak of the war. But with his death, the pressure to succeed
in politics was passed on to his younger brother John, also known as JFK. JFK, of course, was
known for his term in office as president of the United States, and as president his
role in the Cold War including the Apollo program, as well as his support of the Civil
Rights Movement. He’s also remembered for his personal life, including his reported
affairs with multiple high-profile women. The woman he was married to, however, was
Jackie Kennedy. She came from a wealthy family, being the daughter of a stockbroker, and she
had an aunt named Edith Bouvier, who was a singer and had a critically acclaimed documentary
made about her in the 70’s. As First Lady, Jackie became an icon of fashion, art, and
culture. And after her husband was assassinated, she later married Greek billionaire Aristotle
Onassis. She and JFK had two sons, JFK Jr and Caroline. JFK Jr had relationships with several models
and actresses, including Cindy Crawford and Sarah Jessica Parker. He studied law, but
was more interested in other things, like acting and flight. It was his interest in
flying that ultimately led to his early death in a plane crash along with his wife and sister-in-law,
only a little over a year after receiving his pilot’s license. His sister Caroline, however, is still alive.
Like her father, she went into politics, becoming the US ambassador to Japan during the Obama
administration. Next among the Kennedy siblings, we have Rosemary
Kennedy. Rosemary suffered from seizures, mood swings, and a learning disability from
an early age. In 1941 her father Joseph Sr decided to have her lobotomized in an attempt
to stop her violent outbursts. But the procedure was unsuccessful, rendering her incapable
of walking or speaking coherently. What happened to her was kept secret from
the public and even to members of her own family for many, many years. It wasn’t until
1987 that he lobotomy became public knowledge. So, although she lived to be 86 and was gradually
reincorporated into her family after the death of her father, she is considered to be another
victim of the Kennedy curse. Then we have Kathleen Kennedy, who was married
to the heir to the Duke of Devonshire, but she and her husband were both killed in a
plane crash shortly after WWII Her sister Eunice, however, lived a long and
fruitful life. She was a philanthropist who founded the Special Olympics, having been
moved by her sister Rosemary. Today the Special Olympics provides competitions and training
to more than 5 million athletes across 172 countries and is overseen by her son Timothy. She married Sargent Shriver, who was an ambassador
to France, and ran as a Vice Presidential candidate with George McGovern against Nixon
in 1972. She also has a daughter, Maria. In addition
to being an author and journalist, she too became a philanthropist, and is the founder
of the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. You might also recognize her husband, the former governor
and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger. The sixth Kennedy sibling is Patricia Kennedy,
who produced the first cooking show on network TV. She was married to actor and producer
Peter Lawford for 10 years, but they were later divorced. Seventh is Bobby Kennedy, perhaps the 2nd
most famous Kennedy after JFK. He served as attorney general under his brother and ran
for president in 1968 against Lyndon B. Johnson, and was gaining some traction, but he was
assassinated. He had eleven children, but for the sake of
simplicity we’re sticking to only the more prominent members of the Kennedy family. His oldest son, Joe Kennedy, went on to become
a congressman, and he had a son, Joseph P. Kennedy III, who is currently a congressman
representing Massachusetts. Bobby Kennedy also had a daughter, Kerry Kennedy,
who was formerly married to the current governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, who happens to be
brothers with CNN journalist Chris Cuomo. They were married for 15 years but divorced
in 2005. Then there is the only one of JFK’s siblings
still alive today, Jean Kennedy, currently age 91. She served as ambassador to Ireland
for several years in the 90’s, and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her
work with the VSA, an organization dedicated to providing opportunities for people living
with disabilities to engage with and participate in the arts. Finally, there is Joseph and Rose’s youngest
son, Ted Kennedy. He served as Senator from Massachusetts for nearly 47 years, the third-longest
continuous term of any senator in US history. He nearly died from a plane crash in 1964,
but was rescued, managing to escape the curse. His son, Ted Jr was a member of the Connecticut
State Senate and is currently a partner at a law firm in New York City. He has a son,
Ted III, who is currently a student in college. And finally, there’s Ted Kennedy’s son Patrick
Kennedy, who is a former congressman and has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction,
but has recovered. All right, that was a look at the Kennedy
family. If you’d like to see more, check out some of the other videos on this channel and
let us know if you’d like to see more American political families in the future. Thanks for

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