Khloé Kardashian Surprises Shayla With Her DNA Results | Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian | E!

Hello. SHAYLA:
What? Woo, it’s happening. KHLOE:
Surprise. SHAYLA:
What? Girl (Indistinct) So I know you did
some DNA testing. Yes, I did. And these are
your DNA results. [ bleep ]. Man. SIMONE:
So what is it saying,
that you’re 78% West African? – That’s a freaking…
– Isn’t that crazy? And you are like 4.5% Central and South African. SHAYLA:
I am… 84% West African, specifically Cameroon
and Ghana. And then I look down and I see that
it says 10% Irish. Now I don’t know if you’re aware of what Irish people look like but it ain’t me. KHLOE:
This shows locations of where some of your DNA
relatives are. Isn’t this crazy? And then the rest of this
literally gives like their names and stuff
if you want to, like, – find out.
Find them. Like your second cousin. But I think the best part is the family history
of diseases or like mental illness. Like Alzheimer’s
is not detected, – Parkinson’s is not detected.
– We were just talking about this the other night,
me and Toby. SIMONE:
Wow. Hopefully this gives you peace of mind to want
to have kids and– Oh, thank God. This is the most
incredible thing that I’ve ever received. I’m really looking forward
to the reveal because before I wanted
to confront my mom but now I want to come to her with an open heart
and forgiveness and love. Thank you. – Give me some.
I need a cuddle, I need a hug.


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