Konference: Léčivé plyny

I heard you were travelling- yes, true Swimming in the sea is great in september also Where you have been? In Sztutovo, Poland … around 700 km away I was at a free days conference of Asian- Europe society for ozone therapy It was thein 8. Conference- I have also the program here It was about ozone but also other medicical gases, in the science and in practise It was about four medici gases-ozone, xenone, hydrogen, so actually five, also nitric oxide and carbon dioxide Who was the organizer? It was The Asian-Europe society for ozone therapy organization of all scientists and ozonetherapists from Europe and Asia it has division in every staten gathering and threading all these people so i tis a very wide family of ozonethrapists and ozonescientists Wich countries were represented? There were presenters from many countries and gests from even more countries presenters were from 13 countries I tried to count them for it was a big count most were from Russia, Ukraine, then a doctor from Moldova, who was veterinarian doctor then Sweden, Finland, Turkey, I was for Czeck rep. and hydrogen, Austria, Mongolia, Georgia, Denmark, Romania, Poland, I think 13 countries- I counted them on my fingers Auxilliary program is an interesting part of any conference In our case, a walk at the baltic seaside In my case it means also wet pants Were there any conclusions of the conference? It was actually very rich conference All who have been efore, say, this is the biggest ever organised. for first time so many people met together, so many presentations, there were three days full of presentations from morning till night, 23 presentations altogether there were several conclusions on first place, the informations were a big amount and were new for everyone wich meant it was greatly useful on the other side, we found together, that the medici gases have complementary effects not synergic, but complemetary this means thein combination on the same patient would bevery effective we were there standing for five medicinal gases, so we could figure it up on third place working group was established with the gial establishing of an assosiation of proffesionals on medicinbal gases it would be in a sertain way an upgrade of the existing organisations of the each gas separately it will gather experts from the field of all medicinal gases We signed first dokument together and now will start to work on forvard the last think that harend and I think is extremly important is creating of many contacts with coleagues I greet you from the Baron Hotel, in Poland, where the conference ozone and other medicinbal gases took place I was kindly invited by prof Eugeny Nazarov, there were about 100 kolegues from different countries Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, altogether about 20 countries it was very pleasant and fruitful conference with a great amount of informations I will beg lad to bring them to Czeck republic to my Clinic of Traditional and Modern medicine and I Belize Theky will b eso useful for everybody

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