KT releases DNA-screening test for newborn babies 피 한 방울로 50여 유전 질환 ′한눈에′

A Korean company is gearing up to launch a
new DNA-screening test. The test could enable doctors to treat newborn
babies born with genetic disorders much earlier than before.
Park Se-young has the details. Many genetic disorders are treatable when
detected early, but they′re usually caught too late due to a shortage of screening tests.
Now, Korean mobile carrier KT has teamed with a local gene analysis laboratory to launch
a new DNA-screening test for newborns. This mother brought her two-month-old
baby into the hospital to get a peek at its genes.
″I had a miscarriage last year and have a lot of worries about even minor symptoms,
so I came for a checkup.″ The test, named NobelGuard, is a combination
of KT′s big data analysis technology and Lab Genomics′ DNA sequencing technology.
Using the lab′s database of over 300-million genes and KT′s technology, the test can
quickly and accurately detect some 50 genetic diseases in their early stages.
″Differentiating normal and abnormal gene sequences from the large database requires
high-capacity computing and analysis, which we provide.″
At less than a thousand U.S. dollars, the test is about one-thirtieth the price of
existing DNA analyses. Every year about six-percent newborns,
some eight million, come into the world with genetic disorders.
Medical experts say early diagnosis of genetic diseases will help prevent their progression.
However, because of information sensitivity, KT must come up with countermeasures to prevent
hacking of its servers …which could reveal personal genetic information.
Park Se-young, Arirang News.

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