L.A. Marzulli: The DNA Results

>The Bible mentions giants at
prominent moment. in Israelite history. And here to talk about those
giants and their historical
impact and also the mystery, if you
will, of giant DNA is our good friend
L.A. Marzulli.>>Great to be
here Gary, thanks.>You are as
always, on the trail of something very mysterious.
And on the table in front of you are a
couple of your finds. We’ve
spoke of these a bit in the past. Things have
developed greatly. One of the things we’d really
like to know, we understand
that there were giants. We believe it because
the Bible teaches it. But who were they, can you track
them in history, can you track them right up
until modern history?>>Mhm.
>That’s the question. >>What’s interesting about
being on the trail, and this is
something I never would have imagined I’d be
doing. We’ve been on it for
basically five years. When I went out to
Catalina Island I went out
there to search for archaeological pictures
that were taken in 1919, 1921 by
Ralph Glidden who has been disparaged by the
archaeological community. But
what I found you can’t dispute it, in
my opinion, were several
pictures. We found six-fingered skeletons, we found two
skeletons that were just around
nine feet tall, we found elongated skulls. All
pictures from 1919. All that evidence that was
there is completely gone. Those skeletons have vanished. And we
had three people look at those
skeletons and or those pictures of the
basically extrapolate from Ralph Glidden’s height,
and you were instrumental in
that, by the way. 5’8″ we were able to extrapolate
where the skeleton was in
relation to the picture. So it’s complex. There
are giants in North America Native American tribes discuss
this, that these legends have been handed down for
hundreds of years from one Native American tribe to
grandfather to grandson and
down it goes. In Paracas we get something
completely different. Paracas
is in Peru, it’s right on the ocean, it’s a
very beautiful spot, the
Paracas Bay. But these elongated skulls were
found in only really one place
in that area. That comes from the
Chongos Necropolis. That’s where the Paracas
royalty are buried. And what’s
fascinating about this and I have to tip my hat first
of all to Brian Forester who
put this on the map for everyone, really. The
moment I saw this in 2013 we put an expedition together and
Richard Shaw the director of
The Watchers series, we went down and this
became the nexus of “Watchers
6”. But what’s incredible about
this is it fits the timeline of the diaspora or the conquest
of Canaan. These skulls, these
entities, whatever they are come into Paracas
seemingly from nowhere around
3500 years ago, roughly. Roughly in
that time period. And the vanish about 2,000 years ago. So
they’re there between 1,200 and
1,500 years, and they are different from the
normal population. Now it’s
taken us five years to get DNA result
because what we’re trying to say is if
they’re indigenous then the DNA should show that.
If they’re from the Middle East
then maybe perhaps we’ll see DNA evidence
that will point to that.>Mhm. >>And that’s what we’re gonna,
we’re basically revealing with the book and the DVD.>Now
the scenario here is very interesting. Your tracking of DNA reveals a
historical movement of these giants. That
is to say they seem to have originated in the Middle East
or have been powerful there.
And then they were essentially the
enemies of God, God instructed His
people to move against them.
His people were successful >>Mhm.>in that. And the giants
seem to have migrated then and your
hypothesis is that they migrated into the Western
world.>And I like the word
that you used. Our hypothesis is exactly that. That is Joshua
and Caleb were pressing the war–prosecuting the war to
conquer the Promised Land then these, some of the
Nephilim tribes perhaps fled
northward, others built reed
boats and maybe sailed off the
Mediterranean. And while that
sounds preposterous to many people, Thor Heyerdahl
actually filmed this and did
it. He built a reed boat, he put a
sail and sailed out the Delta, the Nile Delta, and
without a compass or any map or anything else,
just allowing the trade winds
>Mhm.>>to blow him, he wound up on the island of
Barbados which is the New World! So he proved in modernity that
this could be done in
antiquity. We find that absolutely astounding. But
what we, to me what is amazing here is the
DNA evidence. We have had–we have now tested well
over thirty samples. And I realize the naysayers
will go, ‘it’s contamination’.
So at what point at what point, how many samples
do we need>Yeah.>>before we
see something and we go ‘maybe it’s not
contamination, maybe it’s
something else.’ And we had permission from the
minister of culture to do this.
It took four years to get
permission. But we got permission.>I want
to go back a little bit at this
point in time and, for our audience sake I’d
like to just talk about the giants>>Sure.
>as the Bible does. Because essentially this is
sort of an ignored portion of
Scripture. >>A fringe part of Scripture.
>It’s considered on the fringe, you don’t talk about the giants
but they play a part in
history. Chapter 14 of Genesis talks about four Gentile kings and I’m not going
to mention their names who come
up against Abraham. Abraham’s in the
Promised Land and he and Lot have settled the Promised
Land at this point. God is behind their efforts, He’s
blessing them. And in verse 5 it says “and in
the fourteenth year came Chedorlaomer, and the
kings that were with him” now
they came after Abraham with the idea of conquering the
land. But here’s the interesting part: “and they smote the
Karnaim in Ashteroth Karnaim, and the Zuzims in Ham, and the
Emims in Shaveh Kiriathaim”, three tribes of giants are mentioned here.
>>Mhm. Mhm.>And the kings came into the
land against Abraham and against the giants. And this is
the first really prominent mention of giant
tribes after Abraham and lot came in and
settled. But it’s not the last.>>Yeah.
>They’re mentioned many, many
times.>>And what’s disturbing is that they’re
there>Right.>>to begin with.
That Abraham and the crew is actually dealing with these
whatever they are. That’s
what’s disturbing. >Now let’s move forward a bit to Numbers chapter 13. And we have here at the end of
Numbers chapter 13 a tribe mentioned, they’re called the
children of Anak, A-n-a-k. And the children of Anak are
called the Anakim.>>Mhm.>They’re giants. But the
fascinating thing, and you
mentioned this very often in your
lectures, Anakim means
“long-necked ones”.>>Mhm.>Meaning that they are,
there’s something about their
anatomy that’s weird. And their
countenance is strange. So we have long-necked
giants with really–I think really scary
faces. And the episode here, and I’m
going to give it back to you
right after this, the episode here is
the turning point in Israelite history when
Joshua and Caleb were given the
opportunity to go in and defeat
the Anakim.>>Mhm.>And they were
willing to do it. But their compatriots said
‘no, we’re like grasshoppers in their sight,
there’s no way we can fight
these people.’ These are the
long-necked ones that they refused to go up
with. As a result they are forced to wander forty years in
the wilderness. Now this was a breaking point in Israelite
history.>>It is. And what amazes me, and I wrote
about this, a little sidestep here in “The Cosmic Chess
Match” that the reason why, in
my opinion, that God hardens Pharaoh’s heart over
and over and over again,
Pharaoh goes ‘well let them go.’ And then God hardens Pharaoh’s
heart, is to show the Israelites who He
really is and what He’s capable
of doing knowing full well that in the
not-too distant future He’s
going to bring them all up to the
Promised Land and they’re going
to see what’s there and they’re going to turn
tail and run. And they do that.
But that generation dies off, it’s forty
years, a new generation comes
up and they go in and prosecute the war. And
what we see is a supernatural element to the prosecution of
that war.>Absolutely. >>Think of Jericho.>Yeah.
>>That’s absolutely astounding what happens to
Jericho. And Jericho to me is a
Nephilim stronghold, that’s what it is.
>And word got out, by the way. As Joshua began to win battles
>>Mhm.>One after another after another, that God
is with this man.>>Yes.>We
cannot fight him, and they evacuated
the land.>>There’s a diaspora that
these tribes begin to evacuate
the land. Some perhaps go north,
some build reed boats, Thor Heyerdahl, we talked about
that. It’s already been proven.
And if that’s the case then shouldn’t we find
evidence of that? And as I
stated, on Catalina Island there are nine-foot giants.
We’ve got the mounds, the enigmatic and mysterious
mound builder all through the United States. We’ve talked
about that before right here on
this program. What we think are there are,
and you’ve already mentioned
the Emim, the Zamzummim, Nephilim,
the Rephaim, the Anakim. They
seem to be different tribes with
different names perhaps
denoting different genetic characteristics. Now
that’s conjecture on my part
but that’s what it may be.
Certainly the Anakim means
“long-necks”. >Mhm.>>That seems to be the
dominant feature about whatever
these entities are.>And you know
their names seem to connote physical characteristics>>Mhm.
>Like the Zuzim and the
Zamzummim. That, the Zamzummim is the Hebrew way of saying ‘buzzing’,
we’d use the word ‘buzz’.
>>What is that? Does their language sound
like a buzzing? >Do they sound like they buzz
when they talk,>>Right.>and
so they were named ‘the buzzing
ones’? Clearly there’s something
strange going on here.>>Mhm. And in my opinion, and again
this is conjecture. But it goes
back to Genesis 3:15, and certainly your talk a
few years ago at the Nephilim Mounds Conference was
incredible, “It’s All About the
Seed”. If Genesis 3:15 says the seed of
the serpent will be at war,
enmity with the seed of the woman we know that
from the seed of the woman
comes Messiah but the seed of the serpent erupts just a few
chapters later in Genesis 6 and I think it happens over and
over and over again right up
into modernity where Jesus warns us it’ll be
like the days of Noah when the
Son of man returns. So if that’s the case and this seed war is erupting then this
is –it solves the conundrum with
many people who read the chapters as a
conquest of Canaan and say ‘wow this mandate from a loving,
holy God doesn’t seem so loving and holy because the
mandate is to wipe everybody
out. Kill the men, women,
children, kill the animals and burn
everything. That’s genocidal, it’s maniacal, it’s capricious,
it shows favoring of one race
over another’ unless we’re looking
at Genesis 3:15, the seed of
the serpent has manifested in this area,
and that’s what we’re looking
at. That’s the game-changer. That changes
everything, and that’s why I
tenaciously hold to that interpretation.>And I
agree with you. In fact the text strongly indicates
these people are not human. They are devious,>>Something else.
>something other than human, and God continually,
continually asks the children of Israel look, please
wipe these people out. They are evil, they are wicked. And
unless there was something really wrong with these people
I don’t think God would commend>>Well we have the proof test
of Nineveh where He sends Jonah in there to preach and
give them a chance and they do.
And okay so they repent and–but this is something
different.>Right. >>This is something different.
And I’ve come to call Nephilim
and Nephilim tribes ‘the soulless
ones’. I believe that only God
can put a soul in a person.>Hm.
>>And we’re not really sure how
that works and what that is but I think these entities
are the soulless ones and they are in a
fixed state, no salvation
because they’re soulless. >And we’re talking to L.A.
Marzulli. I’m holding here a DVD and a book, “Expert Analysis: DNA Results”.
We’re going to get to that. The book and the DVD in a moment
I’ll tell you how you can have
your very own copies of these. But you’ve
done rather extensive studies and by the way you’ve taken a
lot of your own personal time
>>Sure>and money to backup what is a
complex operation to discover what
exactly? >>Well we brought a team
together. And first of all I
want to thank our donors who contributed to this
and one couple who did not want to be named in
particular. And we–the team
that we brought down was Mondo
Gonzales our archaeologist. Our
anthropologist is Rick Woodward who has
had–examined these casts and other not only photographs but
other casts and does his own research with that. Chase
Kloetske was our forensic field
expert, who set everything up, tagged
and bagged all the samples and
was absolutely stellar in her approach.
Richard Shaw, the director of “Watchers” filmed everything,
made a wonderful six minute film about just our whole trek
over the years and how we’ve learned over the years. We had
complete suits from the
DNA-paleo Lab in Canada, we were donned from
head to foot, we had masks and
double gloves, so the idea of contamination is
always there, we totally
understand that. >Right.>>But the way we went
into these artifacts to get the material, we would take
the skull and we would turn it upside
down like this. And then what we would do is we
would take a dremel tool.
Remember we were completely masked. We would
take the dremel tool and scrape
off the outer layer of bone and then take
another dremel tool and penetrate into
the skull getting fresh genetic material
which falls on a blank piece of
paper which has been basically blown
off with air, compressed air, and after that initial scraping
on the underside of the skull, we would blow the skull off
with compressed air and then go
in and get fresh genetic
material falls on the paper. That’s
immediately tagged and bagged, put in in another envelope,
Chase marks it, and it’s gone. So is there always a chance of
contamination, we get that. But that’s why we did multiple
samples of different skulls not
only from the Inca Museum, Inca, in Inca, and the archaeologist
there Reuben-Soto basically oversaw the entire
operation. But also the Paracas History Museum which the skulls
and the material that we took from them was much newer,
much more fresh.>Alright, back up a little bit L.A. Where
did you find these, what are
they, we know that you went to Peru, where in the world did
you find this? >>This is a Paracas skull. It
comes from a place called
‘Chongos’. Chongos is a necropolis, it is
a burial place. I’ve been there
numerous times now. And modern-day
archaeologists mainstream archaeologists will
tell us that all this is
cranial deformation. Cranial head boarding is when
they take a small child and
they wrap the child, they put plant
material or wood material they bind the head, and the
shape the head. Which in this
practice is done on a global level.
Okay, I get that. I understand
that. And we’re certainly not trying to state
that all these skulls that we
see here are the result of cranial
deformation, cranial head
boarding. We realize that that’s a practice that was
done. I get that, I understand
that. But what we’re stating is,
these particular skulls, not all, were the result of cranial
deformation. And what’s amazing about this, our team
Rick Woodward, Mondo Gonzales
our archaeologist, Dr. Alday who is a medical
doctor that came in and also Dr. Warren is a
chiropractor examined these There are morphological
differences. What I mean by
that in the actual structure of the skull
which is not –does not relate to modern
humans. One of the most telling of Dr. Alday weighed in on
this, is the lack of a sagittal
suture. In a normal human being you
should see a suture. This is a suture by the way
right here. You should see a
suture that goes from the frontal plate back to the
ocipital plate, the rear place.
It’s lacking. There’s a disease called
‘craniosynostosis’ which closes that sagittal
suture. We understand that. But
in many, not all, but many of the
Paracas skulls no matter what
age, it’s a lack of a sagittal
suture. And okay, that’s the first mark. The patterns,
the suturing is wrong. But to us what was really the smoking
gun other than the DNA evidence and we’ll get to that, is the
placement of the foramen
magnum. And I wanna zoom in on this so
you can see it. This little hole this area, is called the
‘foramen magnum’. The foramen
magnum is the place where the spinal
column comes up and joins to the skull like
this. The problem is you can see the
foramen magnum here is as far back to the ocipital
plate as it possibly can go. And Dr. Alday, Rick Woodward,
Mondo Gonzales, we all think and posit that
there’s no way you can put pressure on the rear plate of
an infants head and bring it
closer to the foramen magnum. So we’ve got
morphological differences in the skull, and this is our study.
No one else has come up with
that. And we tip our hat to our anthropologist Rick
Woodward who first–he actually
wrote a paper which by the way is in the book
on this.>And by the way an artist’s conception of what
this creature might have looked like
features a very long neck. And when the artist tried to
draw what this person would look like
with skin, you know, growing
over the skull and then what would it
look like if you had a neck attached to that very
strange location at the base of
the skull and you, and your artists came
up with a very long necked individual. Marcia
Moore, there was no collusion
between us. She looked at the placement of
the foramen magnum she thought to herself ‘this is
all wrong, this won’t work’, in order to balance the skull
perhaps the neck was longer. So
she sends me this picture of what
this particular >Mhm.>>entity would have
looked like, very long neck.
And I wrote her back, and I said ‘Marica are you
aware that in the Biblical
narrative one of the so-called Nephilim
tribes are called The Anakim which means the
long-necks?’ Now I want to
clarify something folks. We’re not stating that these
are Nephilim skulls. We don’t know that yet. I can’t
say it any clearer. We have a hypothesis which is
based on the scientific method, ‘here’s our
hypothesis now we’re going out
to prove that.’ And it’s taken five years to
get to this point. There’s
morphological difference which are not there.
Dr. Alday our medical doctor,
after examining–and by the way some
of these skulls do not have
something which are called the
foramen ovales. These are two holes
which are in front of the foramen magnum.>Hm.>>Where
the blood vessels and nerve
endings go into the face which gives us the variety of
facial expressions we can use. In many of the Paracas skulls
there’s a complete absence of
the foramen ovales. And that should not be
there. So we’ve got structural,
morphological differences
within the skulls themselves. And of course the DNA evidence
is pointing to–>And I want to go back to Numbers chapter
13. One of the key points in Bible history
where there was a people as mentioned
here in Numbers 13 in verse 28: “Nevertheless
the people be strong that dwell in
the land, and the cities are
walled, and very great: and moreover we saw the
children of Anak there. Well ‘Anak’ means long-necked.
And the plural, if you add the ‘im’ in the ending is
the plural of Anak, is
‘Anakim’. The long-necked ones. And all
this just fits together beautifully. And again
I just have to point out this
is at a key point in Bible history.>>Mhm.
>The Anakim were the ones whom God said
must be wiped out.>>Mhm.>You take your men in and I will
stand behind you and we’ll wipe out those giants. And they didn’t.>>That’s
exactly what happened. To a
point.>Yeah. So we’re working here in an area that is not certain
but it points in a particular direction.>>So
far the evidence is validating our hypothesis, and we’re
excited by that. There are no
conclusions, we’re not drawing any
conclusions, we can’t draw any
conclusions. I stated earlier we’ve got this much of a
picture which is much larger.
And what we’ve realized after researching for five
years we now have more
questions than we do answers, which is
why we need to go back to the
Chongos Necropolis and conduct a proper
archaeological dig and go down because they’re buried deep.
They’re buried thirty, maybe even forty feet below the
surface. It’s where the
original inhabitants of the area are buried, and
that’s what we need to find
out. There is no nuclear DNA on any of the
skulls so far. We’ve got a
little bit from one of the skulls but
it wasn’t enough to do anything
with. The nuclear would give us the key
to the mystery.>Mhm.
>>But–however and this is what’s
exciting–well over thirty samples, it’s
closer to forty samples of DNA
that we’ve done the majority of them,
drumroll please- show a Middle-Eastern European origin,
haplogroup. Everything from T2b, this is
the baby skull which we
unwrapped, and this was estimated to be
under two years old. The hair
was reddish blonde, as you can see here.
Haplogroup U2e, U2e, which is European. And
again the critics and the naysayers
will say ‘contamination,
contamination. The hair samples on this, this is a 2,000 year-old
mummy skull which we unwrapped. When we unwrapped that, the
hair was immediately tagged and
bagged by Chase Kloetske, immediately
tagged and bagged. And so why is it that all the
contamination always points
back to a European origin, and this skull was
tested three times coming with the same
halpogroup. So we have a real
problem because that’s not
supposed to be there. And what it does is
it validates, at least on some
level our hypothesis that these
entities coming form the Middle East, and that’s
what we think happened.>Now
what’s interesting, if you
study European history and Middle Eastern
history, going back to Sumer, and Assyria,>>Mhm.>every
culture has story after story after story
of odd looking many times gigantic, people.
And some of the old cave paintings and
sculptures show odd looking people with elongated
heads. Even in Egypt>>King Tut.>King Tut. Very
elongated head like we’re
looking at.>>And Nefertiti.>And so
what you’re doing essentially is validating the Biblical view
of the world rather than if you will the secular view
>>Absolutely. Absolutely. That’s the whole
point.>Well keep up the good
work, and you’ve got your work cut out.>>Also–we
certainly do! (Gary chuckles)
>And again I want to mention here the DVD “DNA
Results”. when you get a copy of “DNA
Results” what are you going to
see? >>You’re going to see eight
people presenting live at The
Marriott down by LAX. We’re flying
everyone in, we’ve already recorded this, it’s fantastic.
You’ll see Richard Shaw with his incredible video, Brian
Foerester presented, our anthropologist Mondo Gonzales
actually will give the DNA
analyses, Rick Woodward our anthropologist comes in and
talks about the morphological
differences, Dr. Alday MD comes in and again
he states his opinion that we’re looking at a subspecies.
Our chiropractor Dr. Malcom
Warren will weigh in and talk about
the elongated neck and all that. Marcia Moore
the illustrator is also there
presenting her work. Chase Kloetske our
forensic field investigator. So you’ll see actually eight or
nine people present, myself
included all the findings, all the
information. The DVD is over two hours long.>And the book
form?>>In the book form
everyone comes in on that also.>All right.>>So
both of these are composites.
>And we have these of course for a gift
to Prophecy Watchers of $50, free shipping anywhere
in the United States. Or call the 800 number on your
screen and order these books. “The DNA Results”,
the book, the DVD. for a gift of $50. Exciting,
groundbreaking work you’re not going to find
anywhere else. And you’ve seen me validate the hypothesis, just from
Scripture. You read–and we’ve
only touched a fragment, a tiny tiny
amount of the Scripture that speaks of these
things in ways that stimulate your
thinking. Wow, what a mystery. What was really
going on there? What was God commanding His people to
do? Usually this stuff is
shoved aside as unbelievable. But
you’re bringing it out into–>>We’re on the
trail.>bringing it out into
the light of day. I love that.>>Thank you
Gary.>It takes somebody like
an L.A. Marzulli to do this, by the way. I could
never do it, I’m too bookish. I sit in a room under a lamp
and I study Scripture! He goes out and gets his hands
dirty. And I really, I really appreciate
what you’re doing.>>Thank you,
appreciate that. >So what are you doing now? In
ten seconds or less.>>We’re on
the trail. That;s all I can say. We’re still on
the trail, more evidence.>Top
secret. >>Absolutely.>(chuckles) L.A.,
may the Lord bless your work.>>Thank you Gary, you
too.>And we appreciate what
you’re doing. I’m Gary Stearman. What an adventure!
Hey, you keep watching… we are!

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