[L2R]Настройка эмулятора NOX на примере Lineage 2 Revolution. NOX emulator setup.

Hello everyone, today we will show how to run the game on your PC We will configure the NOX emulator Click the link in the description of this video and download the NOX emulator Install and run the emulator In the upper right corner, click the emulator settings button go to the “advanced settings” tab set all items as shown in the video In addition to “Memory”. Then set the value to at least 2048, depending on the amount of RAM on your PC On my PC 8GB of RAM, so for the emulator, I allocated 4096mb Do not set the mode to “speed (DirectX)”. There will be problems with launching Go to the tab “Property settings” set all items as shown in the video Save settings Wait for the emulator to restart Let’s move on to the screen emulation settings Open the virtual keyboard from the panel on the right In the left part of the emulator, the push-button emulation panel is open. By dragging and dropping, you can customize the buttons you need to emulate clicking on the screen. After setup, click save.


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