Large Family Mom’s Day Out Large Family Shopping at Aldi, Dollar Tree, and Walmart!

– Guys, so it is my large
family grocery shopping Aldi run morning. I’m actually taking Zion
with me this morning. We’re gonna hit Aldi. I probably have to go
to Walmart for dog food and maybe a few little
items while we’re out. We might also hit the Dollar Tree. And I don’t have a list yet or anything, I will do that once we
actually leave the house. And I can have a few minutes of quiet in the van to process that. So I wanna show you something real cute. Liam did his grocery
list for me last night. We’ve actually, let’s see. I’ll put up my last one week
Aldi grocery shopping here and if you don’t see a cart pop up, I’ll put it in the description below. It has been, let me think, okay. It’s Thursday today, tu, tu, tu. It’s probably been 10 days or so. My last haul was planned
out for seven days. We’ve just been really busy this week. So Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we’ve pretty much been doing
a lot of pantry challenge. I always have eggs left. What else did we do? I had a ham in the freezer because for Christmas I had bought two and then, we didn’t use the second one. So I did a ham yesterday. I don’t remember honestly,
what I did the other days to let you know our pantry challenge. I know we were out of bread. So last night for a snack, I used up what I had left in the freezer of the Aldi’s sprouted, seven
sprouted bread for the kids. And they had it with cream cheese on top because that’s what we had left. Yesterday, see we’re
out of ranch dressing. So yesterday, they were
just eating raw cauliflower and raw broccoli. So it’s good to push it a few days when and if we can because it
just makes us eat stuff up. For my last haul, I do actually have about
six cucumbers left, I haven’t checked them yet. So I probably won’t buy cucumbers today. And we’ll just load up on all
the fruits and veggies we can. And I’ll share my recipes
and meal plan with you too. I wanted to share, let’s see, oh yeah, I wanna show you this list. Now, for Liam, I wrote
the words underneath but let me just show you
what was on his priority. Okay so Liam’s list. Now, Liam just turned six. This box is mac n cheese. This is ice cream cones. This is gonna be cute
to hear his priorities. Bananas, apples. And I think he was trying
to do the bag of apples. Blackberries, a big tub of ice cream, pizza, ice cream sandwiches, and hotdogs. So out of this list, I will
get some fresh ice cream cones and the tub of ice cream. That’s their big treat today. Since I’m going shopping this morning, we’re gonna have ice cream
cones this afternoon. And the nice thing about being
a family on the larger size is if I get one or even
two tubs of ice cream, it’s gonna be gone really quick. It’s like a burst of a fun tree. I’ll definitely get the bananas and the apples and the blackberries. Not gonna get the hotdogs
or the ice cream sandwiches. This is my real life mom confession, I do like to get the Aldi mac n cheese. It’s like 33 cents a box. I like to have a case full of
it to shove it in the pantry because there are certainly
times where we got off track with a plan meal or things happen like one day this week
we had two appointments in one day and we weren’t
expecting to have any. And so on that day, it would’ve been nice to just whip out some boxes
of macaroni and cheese and add some tuna or piece to it and just have a quick
meal without thinking. And then with the pizza, I
do like getting the Aldi kits where it’s just the bread,
where it’s just the crust and then you put your sauce
and your toppings on it. We probably won’t do
that this week either. And that’s it. So that I just wanted to
show Liam’s cute list. Oh, and then, we’re out of Band-Aids so I wrote that for myself. When I do my big list,
I will look at this. But I appreciate it. Last night, he was like, “Mommy, do we have any blackberries?” I said, “No sweetie, you ate them all. “But do mommy a list of all the things “you want mommy to get.” So we’ll make some of his
dreams come true today. Oh, and one more thing
I wanted to show you. Now, this is not my channel. This is HappilyAHousewife. I have watched her vlogs and her channel, I don’t know, maybe for two years now. So if you haven’t
discovered her, she’s fun. And like a lot of you tell me, our lives don’t match up exactly but she’s just someone that I watch. So I was watching her latest
weekly vlog this morning. And now what she does,
she started this fall or in the summer I think,
she has several videos a week but one video a week and
it’s on the longer side. You see, it’s like 25 minutes. She does a few clips for everyday. So she’ll have one weekly vlog that contains like five
to seven mini vlogs, a little bit from each day. And I thought that might be
a fun thing for me to try for this channel since
my goal for this year is to get more consistent videos up. I would have my Aldi grocery haul and meal plan hopefully every week. That’s probably the way
I’m gonna swing it now. And I would have any trips
or thrift store hauls. And maybe some full day in
the life’s like how I do. But then, I could also
start doing a weekly vlog where it’s just a little
bit snippets from everyday. I just think that’s
something fun I might try. So if you would like to also
start seeing a weekly vlog that’s just a collection of
a little bit of everyday, let me know that in the comments. Nothing related to grocery shopping but I really like this idea and I enjoy her weekly vlog videos. So I thought I might give it a try. Zion and I are gonna go
into the Dollar Tree. Naomi is doing some different
craft projects right now. She wants more glue. And I know we were out of Band-Aids and those kinda thing so.
(phone ringing) Oh, my phone’s ringing, hold on phone. So I’m gonna work on
just picking up some odds and ends we need at Dollar Tree. And then, we might go into Petco. I wanna put our puppies through just as many obedience
classes and for socialization with other people and dogs
with the kind of breed we have. That’s just really important
to do early and often when they’re young. So if this Petco has the puppy trainings, we might do it here. So we might run over there
and look at fish too. (rhythmic music) So I came in at $76 in the Dollar Tree. That takes talent to spend
almost a $100 at the Dollar Tree. Let me let Zion in. But what I got was I got all of, Emilia’s birthday is coming up
here in the next couple weeks and we’re actually gonna be on a big trip. I can’t wait to share it with you guys the details about that. It’s gonna be exciting. So anyway, we’re gonna be
on a trip for her birthday but I had on my list today
to get a few birthday things. And then, to get her
decorations and stuff that. We’re gonna kinda have it on the go. And then, when we get back from our trip, we’re gonna all go to
a big indoor waterpark at a local ski resort. Because as you can tell by her birthdays, as the kids get older, we try
to do a big family experience and we let the kids pick. And Emilia was torn, she wanted to do Chuck E.
Cheese like Liam’s birthday. But then, she also wanted
to do the waterpark. And she said, “Well, I think we’ll do, “we’ll eat at Chuck E. Cheese. “And then, we’ll go to the waterpark.” And I said, “Oh no
sweetie, you can pick one. “Either or, not both.” But anyway on our trip,
we’re gonna do cake and small birthday
things on her actual day. And that’ll be fun. So about $40 of the $76 was me getting her the pink tablecloth, the pink
plates, the pink napkins. Bunch of little Dollar Tree toys, I’ll do a whole haul for that. There’s a special cleaner
because we have iron in our water and we still haven’t put anytime into figuring in that water filter. You’ll just hear me talk
about it for another year and then, we’ll finally figure it out. Anyway, there’s a cleaner
I like called The Works and it takes the iron stains like right out of sinks,
and toilets and things. So I like to use that. And whenever I can find it, I’ll get 10 or 20 bottles at a time. So I got 10 pop bottles of that in here. So that was $50 of the $76. The special sink cleaner
and Emilia’s birthday. And then, the last $26, they
had those beans that I showed. I got several of those
just to push in the back of the pantry for whenever they’re good for soups and chili’s and things. What else did I get? I did get those spices. And I’ll just show you in the haul video everything I got there. I’m gonna buy in Aldi today. It’s gonna be a two week grocery haul but I’m also including within
that a pantry challenge cause like I said, we got
some traveling coming up. I will read my whole meal plan to you. But this is just what my list looks like. I just keep it in my
Notes app on my phone. And then, I can fill in the little circles by touching ’em whenever
I get certain items. And that’s how simple I keep it. It’s a good price on blackberries. I’m just gonna get a whole case of them. And this is fantastic. We usually spend a dollar a loaf on this so 50 cents is good. This is my cart. And then, this is one of Zion’s carts. And then, this is our last cart. Now, there are actually eight
gallons of water under here. Due week haul for Aldi came to $357.01. $366 with taxes, hopefully that shows up. There were a few things
I planned to get there like I wanted to get a pork
roast and a beef roast. And they just didn’t have a
good selection of that today. Although, their 18, 20 ground
beef was only 2.29 a pound and I thought that was, or 2.19, I’ll have to check up here on my receipt and let you guys know, that was good. And I also got a $10
refund on a pack of chicken I was double charged for
last time I was here. So that really decreases my
grocery haul by another $10 since I was overcharged in the last one. So I gotta get dog food now at Walmart. I’m gonna check out their roast, see if they have any good deals there. And what else? Oh, and I still need to get
everybody a tub of ice cream to help make up for momma’s
long morning out shopping. So I might pick this up
for Emilia’s birthday too. It’s basically a watered power RC car. And it was $59 marked down to only $15. And even if she never
does the science with it, she’ll have a lot of
fun with the car itself. Now, this is a really good deal. I was looking at this the other week. Now, there’s think ways you
can grow crystals at home with household products. But look, it’s marked down to two bucks. And they’ve got a couple left. We don’t need this right now cause we’re getting ready on
a trip but what a fun deal. Zion and I were laughing at our skills because we had a milk abandon ship and decorate the Walmart parking lot. So oh well, try again. – Down one milk, #skills.
– [Guy] #skills. – I’ll at least throw the jug away here. It did not want to live a
life as the Large Family Meal. It’s even running out the
other side of the van downhill. I did two separate orders so my receipts wouldn’t be too confusing. But I spent $34 and some change on a few more food items at Walmart. And I’ll explain all that during the haul that’ll come out here probably tomorrow. And then, I spent another $34 on dog food. And then, I got Emilia to
add to her birthday stash that hydropower, right Cide? Hydropower car that was
$59, got it for $15. It’ll be a lot of fun for her. Zion will show her how to use it. So guys, thank you so
much for running around with Zion and I and shopping today. You can see, I’m home now. We are all unloaded. I’ll give you a view of the table. Yes, big table. We came in, and I just
did the math, $391.65. And then also here’s my stash
of stuff from the Dollar Tree. I’ve got it covered up cause of the big car birthday present. Emilia’s currently asleep on the couch. So anyway, I’m gonna hop
off of this video for now. If you come back tomorrow, I
will have the full grocery haul with the individual item price breakdown and my meal plan for the next
two weeks and all of that. Then, hopefully the following day, I’ll have my Dollar Tree haul. Actually scratch that. The following day, I’m gonna go ahead and do an updated pantry
and refrigerator tour to show you guys where
we store all these stuff cause I get asked that. And then the day after that, I will probably do the Dollar
Tree haul will come out. And yeah. So a whole bunch of videos coming out and whole bunch of shopping done. I’ll see you tomorrow with
another brand new video. (rhythmic music)


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