Learn Genealogy -App For That Series – TurboScan – Episode 14

Hey everybody, welcome back to another episode on genealogy TV My name is Connie Knox a lifelong genealogist today. I’m starting a new segment a new Series called an app for that and I am going to talk about apps that are specific Really good for genealogy. So what I want to do is share with you an app called turbo scan when we come back Everybody welcome back. I am so glad you’re here. I want to share with you an app that I absolutely love it’s probably my very favorite app for Genealogy, and it’s really not a genealogy app at all. It is called turbo scan What turbo scan does is it allows you to scan documents quickly and easily on your cell phone? so I love it because If I’m at a library and there is a line at the copy machine or the copy machine is broken or you have to pay For copies or on and on and on there’s Even if you’re at the office you can use this for other things that are not necessarily Genealogy related but here’s some tips that I’m going to use for that. So I’m going to show you this app and You press on turbo scan and the documents I have in here already are documents I’ve scanned in the past. But what you do is you grab the camera and it starts to show you What you can capture I always I like to capture the cover of the book So I’m going to do that now I realize it’s a red book kind of on a red background, but it gives you these corners that you can adjust The scan because I took too much of a picture right? I don’t need all the desktop and all that So I can pull that in and I hit done and it captures that page But I want to capture more than just the cover of the book So I’m gonna hit next and in the lower right corner, there is a little paper with a plus on it you click on that and We open the book and whenever I am copying Documents whenever I’m copying pages from a book say I’ve got my family is on You know page 360 or something. I want to capture everything That has to do with that document. So I’m going to capture the front cover and That one captured nicely so I’m going to move on I’m going to say done and I can actually if you’ll notice I can change the the darkness setting on this Page so I’m gonna set it kind of right in the middle for that page and I’m gonna say next So I click on next and now I’ve got the cover and the inside cover I also like to capture a lot of the frontmatter. It’s And remember that there are copyright issues here. So you want to make sure? That you are aware That you’re using this only for personal use you’re not going to be putting it in a document that you’re gonna sell later or anything like that, please be respectful of the authors and So I am going to say next I have now up to three documents. Here’s another little tip I use business cards as My bookmarks And the reason I do that is because one it Now if I were in a library, I would not do this but in my own books Or maybe I’ve loaned them to somebody it it says whose book it is right. So I’m gonna hit the plus again I’m gonna take a picture of this page because this is where my family is Now keep in mind when you’re scanning. You also want to scan The index page that your family is on now some people scan the entire index that’s up to you, but so if I grab the index page where my Family surname, is that way if I find somebody later on that I believe is in my family I can then go back and go Oh I need to go back to that book and I need to go back to that page because now I’ve you know found that that person is part of my my family so I hit next on that and then on The top where it says document and it’s got a little six there because there’s six pages I can click on that family and I would go in and put the entire information about the title okay, so I have that in and Done. And now that is in my list now the cool part about this is I can click on that document and I can Email it to myself. So if you look at the little Icon in the lower left corner with the arrow on it. You click on that and you can Send it elsewhere So you can send it to Email yourself or you can email it as a PDF to others and so I’m gonna email that to myself It already Pre-populates my email address and adds the document as a PDF and all I have to do is hit Send and off it goes So that is turbo scan. I hope you enjoyed that tip It is absolutely one of my favorite apps for genealogy as well as many other uses. So if you like that And you are not a subscriber of this channel. I hope you will consider subscribing. It really helps me out a lot it does nothing as far as Hurting you costing you or anything it is free on YouTube, but if you will just hit subscribe It really does help me out a bunch and if you’ll ring the bell, you’ll get notified the next time I upload videos Thanks for watching genealogy TV

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