Les Maisonneuve sont là!

There were eleven of us His family yeah… It’s not working Is that ok, there? Yeah! Yeah! Thank you! Does that help? Working. That’s me, there. That’s Uncle Lucien For me, I think the basic value is that there’s a lot of love in this family. Even if we don’t always agree, we love and respect each other. And I think that’s what our fundamental strength : family’s love. The end goal is to have a Thanksgiving-like the one we had yesterday, with everyone! Whatever’s going on, we have to be ok with each other. We have to be bigger than all that. Being together is important. Well my cousin Marc is a cousin that – I wouldn’t say I grew up with him, i would see him once in a while rarely, because he lived in St-Albert and I lived in Guy. So right there, that’s a big difference he was more of a city guy and I was a country guy. Well for me, family is important. So, to have had the chance to be raised on a farm… I think that’s why I’m so close with my brothers and my sister and my parents. We didn’t spent a lot of time in Town with the rest of the community, we spent a lot of time on the farm working. Family is very important. Language, culture, family and religion are basic values. They’re also entrepreneurs, who have great aspirations and really invest themselves in the pursuit of their objectives. You just have to try your best. That’s all I’m saying. We value language and culture. For the Maisonneuve’s, yes they have francophone roots so the french language and culture is very important, but also the english language since Christian’s grandmother was British But all these cultural and linguistic traits intertwined to form the family’s current traditions. There’s not a lot of businesses in the world that brings family together like this. It’s pretty cool. And when it comes to Marc, I think that’s what brought us back together. Him and his interest in agriculture and even, how we now, we farm the land his parents used to own.

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