Let’s name the cat DIngDing! [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.03.01]

What’s that? Senior Welfare Center? It’s a senior center. There’s work to do here? I don’t see the unicorn. They don’t have abalones in here. The unicorn is missing. (Gosh) (Gosh) (Welcome.) (Is this your first time in Mira-ri?) (What do you think about my face painting?) (Today’s client) Our guesses were totally wrong. Hello. Hello. I’m Kim Jaecheol, head of this village. Mr. Kim Jaecheol. There’s a reason I invited you here today. Sure. Our village raises Taegeukgi 365 days a year. (Soando Island is one of three lands) (of anti-Japanese movement.) However, we get strong typhoons, so the flags get ruined easily. Because of the rain. I would like everybody to go around each house and change the flags. I called you to do some work. (Two Days and One Night Employment Agency) (Today’s Task: Change Taegeukgi in Mira-ri Village) How many houses are there? How many houses? A lucky person got one house. – What? / – He got one house. (I’m first place.) I have to go through the entire village. (Ravi: 20, Seyoon: 12,) (Junghoon: eight, Seonho: six, DinDin: four) – This is great. / – Let’s get going. Let’s go. It’s been a long time since I got first place. The flower blooms one day. When you try your best, you get rewarded. I can outdo this season’s members. I can comfortably win first place for the entire year. It’s right over here. It’s here. This house. (The house is really close.) Is anybody home? Hello. Hello. (She is…) Do you live here? (She can dance) (and sing!) (Shin Deoksoon, party-goer of Soando Island) I ate yesterday thanks to you. (Laughing) Good. I got first place today because I tried my best. You got first place, so you came to my house? I’m so happy. – I really like you. / – I got first place. (He changes the Taegeukgi.) There are thorns. Be careful. – It’s on the tree. / – These thorns sting. It’s okay as long as it’s not windy. Would you like some coffee? – Sure. / – I’ll make you some coffee. – Have a cup. / – It’s yours. Here comes the cat. Whose cat is that? Cat. Your wife is entertaining. Did you live together for a long time? Of course. (What kind of question is that?) How many years? – Around 50 years. / – 50. I’ve never seen a place with so many Taegeukgi. No other village has this many Taegeukgi. I’m raising Taegeukgi. (He raises the new Taegeukgi high up in the sky) Taegeukgi is fluttering in the wind. (so that it will flutter powerfully in the wind.) (With Deoksoon and her husband,) (first place, mission complete) What is this cat’s name? Meow. She’s not ours. Somebody abandoned her. – Really? / – Give her a name. If you give her a name, I’ll call her that. – Really? / – Yes. Give her a name. (Thinking) Should I call her DinDin? DingDing? What’s DingDing? – DinDin. / – DinDin? DingDing. (At that moment,) (DingDing turns around.) DingDing. (DingDing turns around.) She likes DingDing. Oh, dear. This is our DingDing. I like the sound of Taegeukgi Boy. (DinDin is going around the village.) This is it. On the right. (He finds his destination.) It’s so worn down. (He enters the house.) Hello. (It’s silent.) I’m going to change Taegeukgi. (Nobody’s home.) I’m here to change Taegeukgi. Hello. I’m here to repair Taegeukgi. – Hello. / – Thank you for your hard work. – Do you all live together? / – Yes. Come inside. – Should I go inside? / – It’s cold. Come in. Come through the door. She’s my sister-in-law. (Is this a party?) – Really? / – Sister-in-law. She’s my sister-in-law, and so is she. We’re all related. You’ve known each other for a long time. – Cousins. / – Come here. Welcome. – Hello. / – I’m a fan of yours. Hello. – That’s my sister. / – Hello. Hello. Come in. I’ve never been on a talk show like this. (He’s flustered.) We have a gathering today.


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