Lineage 2 | Дайджест #16

Hello everyone! This is 16th News Digest of Lineage 2 world Let’s start with main version Lineage 2. First. At korean main vesion, during the whole February will be an Year of the Yellow Mountain Dog event Players must collect letters and exchange them to event NPC with 2 sentences or ‘Happy’ word. Letters drop from the special event Dogs which can be summoned by event scroll also, depending to dog’s color (Golden, Pink, White) with random chance drop diffirent items with random chance drop diffirent items from list on the promo page If the Dog was Yellow or Pink you can get additional chance for letters which looks like 3×3 mosaic Here I must say, that ‘2018’ letter can be obtained only from Yellow Dog Another way to get letters – NPC’s event buff for 85+ lvl characters Letters drop 1 per 1 hour If exchange ‘2018 Happy New Year’ player may obtain, with random chance, one of the items from list on the promo page ‘Happy New Year’ w/o 2018 letter can be exchanged to event’s summoning dog scroll and one of three potions Just ‘Happy’ word can be exchanged to one of three potions. Green potion of Protection add def. and CON Yellow potion of P.Atk. and Blue potion of M.Atk. In the same day – 07 feb., was starting event ‘Returning Hidden Treasure Box’ Where playes can buy in l2store Hidden Treasure Boxes and with a random chance obtain one item from list on the promo page or exchange Hidden Treasure Box to 13 Gold Ingots which can be exchanged with 100% chance to Dimensional Merchant for diffirent goods Next thing, in 21 feb. patch, dev. team add a few interesting options First one, players can hide all mounts or summons in peace zone except saddled mounts Second, add two options in block settings party/friend list request Here you can choose who can send request for party to your character everybody/clan members/friend list characters In the friend request option you can set everybody or clan members Next thing, maybe somebody already know, especially my discord subscribes A few days ago, I was published PvP video from 111 lvl AW from korean server – LeeWanYong I was able to confirm that it is not a test server or a freeshard by using the top 10 server list (Sieghardt server) Also interesting that 5 of top 10 was Feoh, Adventurer at 9, SE at 5 and 7, and PR at 8 After 3,5 months I be able to catch new Orfen Raid The general idea in frist half of Orfen’s HP are simple Orfen must be lured and let down close to the coner of spawn zone for excepting fight with Orfen’s guards Orfen have a self-buff – Energy of Sea, which increace P. and M. def. by 100% on the 1st lvl and HP regeneration by 1000% (one thousand) Its a warning for low lvl newbies – do not come close to RB 🙂 Here Orfen say: You all will regret for comparing me to weaken Lithra and increacing self-buff to 2nd lvl Here Orfen say: I will show you, how the lord of Sea of Spores! and increacing self-buff to 3rd lvl Now 50% of HP drop very quickly and Orfen increacing 4th self-buff lvl Somewhere at 40% HP Orfen increaced 5 lvl self-buff and summon Maid Arima Which must be killed, otherwise Orfen regenerating 100% HP Only after death Orfen’s maid, players can attack Orfen Actualy, it is said in Arima’s self-buff, which call’s like Curtain of the Sea That Curtain connect Orfen’s and Arima’s energy In descrition 5 lvl Orfen’s self buff said that HP regen. increace by 50% As you may see, after maid death, Orfen’s HP drop really fast Orfen drop: Ancient Dye +5 STR, Giant’s Scroll: Enchant Armor, SA Lionel 8, 7, 5 lvl and Panteon SA 6, 4 lvl And Angel’s Earring Next section – short overseas review 12 feb. at NCwest start new event Circlets of Power During the event players can buy Circlets and improving items More detail in russian you can read at my blog, full link in description At the same time in NCwest and Innove RU was starting event where playes can buy or improve Zodiac Agathions And in both of them players can obtion diffirent random rare items too Curiously, NCwest’ event goes in Tarot cards, which are absent here on an ongoing basis Finaly, mobile L2 world! In L2R passed Valentine’s Day event There player can farm event items in special event dungeons with Summoning Stone Most improtant thing in dungeon it’s attack speed, because all hits and skills deal 1 point In the end (5 stage) respawn Elite mob, which drop more event item then common mobs Those items can be exchange in event section to funny crackers, title, event suit and common ingame items


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