Lineage 2 | Обзор ПН от 12 Июня

Hello everyone! This is a video review of Korean patch notes June 12 for Lineage 2 As always let’s start with main or awakening version at this week just a few things were changed Devs are removed exchanging option for old fish to fish stew And fix an issue with points of characters in a party when party leader leaves Last, but not least in Red Libra event I found a new appearance which calls Alice in Wonderland Now about changes in L2 Classic and L2 Essence (Aden) Devs are change rewards for 85 and 86 lvl and add rewards for 87, 88, 89 and 90 lvl general items in these rewards Saiha Buff scrolls, Saiha Storm 3rd lvl and Dragon scrolls numbers of those items equal to the reward level, for 85 lvl – 85 scrolls and etc. There also hair accessory, book with mount and items for inventory Fun fact: 90 lvl reward w/o description. Perhaps devs decide to add it as a surprise Now about interface changes. Please note, all those changes were introduced for L2 Classic AND Essence If a player turns off visibility his/her nickname in settings nickname won’t appear in system messages when he or she makes high enchant Also in general setting menu player can turn on HP bars above character, mobs or characters in a party You may saw it in main L2 version Next, fixed servitor Merrow skill description hard to say what exactly was changed now it could be translated as: make a maelstrom which attacks target and enemies nearby Btw, if I login ES, I should show most popular question about them. Do servitors spend shots as characters? Like 1-3 targetы as a regular nuke, 4-8 target x2, 9-14 x3 and so on servitor has 18 spiritshots for one nuke he spends 2 spiritshots and if we attack 4 or more targets that number should be doubled as you can was used 4, let’s check one more nuke again 4 here two mobs now used 2 spiritshots as well, so that meant servitor spend their shots as characters Next thing, in instant teleport system devs change teleporting process to 2 sec with animation So it could be canceled in some conditions Again. Please note, all that changes about L2C and L2E finally fix the bug as in main with party members in a map, when PL leaves Now, updates and news only for Classic version June 12 was start an event where players can buy a lootbox-like item as always there a number high and mid rare items Also, players can exchange those boxes with 100% chance to some good ods For example, 20 boxes can be exchanged to ruby 5 lvl or 450 boxes to transcendence cloak Now about updates about L2 Essence only At hunting grounds ceremony and blazing swamp was added NPC Guards Unfortunately, I didn’t find them and in patch notes nothing about their location devs are also noticing about some drop adjustments in ToI and Dragon Valey 40+ lvl hunting grounds get new items for Random Production System Currently, RPS items charge the RPS bar and didn’t appear in the inventory Details you can check in Korean patch notes link in the video description Devs also said about fix mobs respawn point, time to time mobs spawn in non-targetable zones For auto macro system, like stones and etc… Next skills section. Devs add a new skill for 1-3 place (in race) characters in Rank system New transformation skill increases HP +300, could be canceled and have show cooldown New rank transform can be used with old ones, like Zaken or Dark Assasin But as a character appearance will apply the first one only i.e. if I use first transform Zaken, the next one race rank transform, character get Zaken appearance Next section Quests. Devs chance rewards for 1-47 lvl missions After 1 class (20 lvl) character obtain Moon D grade weapon then a few rewards include special D grade weapon scrolls for Moon weapon, so you could enchant to +4 in max. At 40 lvl devs add new quest where a player should enchant a few items, like hair accessory, belt and cloak. All those items are permanent NPC will reward players with a Dragon Pendant in that quest Hair accessory increase +1 P. Def. only Belt increase inventory by 2 slots and weight limit by 1000 Cloak increase HP and MP by 2% Please note. Dragon Pendant is a common it, not event or quest as all items in the questline I was translated Korean preview notes in Russian in article, so you can see more details there. NPC Lorenzo get a full list of magic books for self-buff skills before the patch player could buy them only via NPC Harmony in Gludio (prices the same) That’s all, hope you enjoyed! If you want to know more or faster check our discord server or website If you have questions or you just want to add something send it in a comments section Also, I want to say special thanks to Patreon members and donations on a stream That video review are published with their help Thanks for watching!


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