Lineage 2 | Arena: Seven Signs Battle

Hi all! You may noticed (if my subs.) that I played in new project NCsoft Lineage 2 Arena In this video I’ll try to tell you about Lineage 2 in MOBA genre Special thanks to Mistlight, and Elmar (eng), links to wiki leave a bottom video. All Premium accounts (NCkorea) have access to separate server on OBT Lineage 2 Arena. When you login the Arena server, automatic script create a new character similar to the highest one on your account, without equipment, lvl and skills. Players spawn in 1 of 3 towns (Giran, Goddard, Shutgard). In my case, it was Giran. After the party matching complete, we are going to the Waiting Room and choosing class. I must say, we could try to make “waves” or “constant partys” (on the OBT), basically the party matching is random. In the waiting areas chatting is permitted, and for controversial issues we may chatting in the party chat (when we select a class). Looking ahead, I played all classes, wich available on the OBT (7, without summoner). But for demonstration I select Enchanter, because isn’t so dependent on the ping to Korean servers. Once we get to the match, starts countdown and for the entire match we have 1 hour. On beginning all players getting a standardized equipment, skills (each class) and 1 level. Players can upgrade equipment with dropped items from RB or dialog with Priest (30.000 adena). In addition to the priest, on spawn point, each side have the Leader (Anakim or Lilith) and three guards. Nearby stand two turrets. They protects the line (west and east) from enemies. The general goal in the game to kill the enemy leader (Lilith/Anakim) If the time is over, win that’s team, which will have the most kills. As killing mobs increased character level from 1 to 20, and increases the number of available skills and their level Usually after the killing RB, which is located in front of the leader, team going farm one of the turrets RB. This sets the course of first “farming circle” After the RB killing, you can see the droped jewelry upgrade. The rest of the “farm circle”, I leave without comments. On the map are scattered stones of darkness hidden in guilds or clanhalls of the Aden city. Last hit to the stone gets hero’s powerful skills. That could decide the outcome of the battle of a successful attack. For example this battle, where you can see power of hero skills. About turrets, they have targeted attacks on the area, and after destruction of the tower players gain some experience. The higher player’s level then more time they need wait more time after death, before being able to get to the respawn point. Every 10 minutes, on the map spawns epic RB, from which drops epic jewelry. The point of spawn epic RB located at the entrance to the temple from the central square. Until we farm Beleth, our opponents almost killed epic RB Tauti. Besides the stones of darkness, according to the map scattered Trees of life, which can restore HP, CP and MP. One more battle on the central square of Aden, without comments. In addition to upgrade weapons, armor and jewelry, the Priest have a few products: 4 potions and summon scroll. In the last battle at this video, hero skills have got to healer. Curiosity of this situation is that the majority of enemy teams seeing in our party physical DD. And just keep upgrading armor, but jewelry stay low grade. In this situation the healer with Hero skills acts as most powerfull DD. As I said the general goal of the game – kill the enemy leader. After breaking the defense forces and entrenched in the spawn point, as much as possible you should destroy enemy Leader. After death of the leader (Anakim or Lilith), there displayed scoreboard. There you can see winner team and lose team, information about equipment grade, frags count and classes of participants. All amount exp, equip. and skills disappear, when player teleport to waiting areas. In the end, I wanna say: dynamic battles, equal conditions and a team spirit, that’s what most players wanted so long. Thank you for watching, and if you have any questions or you may add some information, leave your comments below the video. P. S. Sorry for my poor english 🙂


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