Lineage 2 | Assemblage of Light #1

Hello everyone! This is first part review of ‘Assemblage of Light’ update Lets start with fortresses changes For registration to siege clan member with privileges must pay 1kk adena In addition, Suspicious Merchant NPC no longer selling siege items After three regs to siege I can’t find Mercenary Captain at any fortress gate That was be when fortress belong to players, and belong to NPCs Fortress gates, Commander and Guardians increasing strenght and level Now part of them white code color and the other green for 105 lvl character For example I’ll try to kill any guard… As you can see, that not so easy like in Hellios or GC pt.1 update, maybe proble in my gear/skills/hands 😀 In the other way, white color codeing gates to my AW not so hard as guard One more important moment, merchant NPC at fortress (which spawn after siege) no longer selling shirts, bracelets and Class talismans I’m add link to RU wiki where you can find more digits and details. Speacial thanks to Elmar and Mistlight Next curious moment its upgrading Gustav’s, Lidia’s and Nurka’s Belts with NPC Ilia which stand in Aden’s forge NPC Ilia: ‘안녕하세요 ^_^’ Here stat of 2nd lvl that Belt: Increases HP / MP / CP by 500, increases damage by +7%, incoming damage -7%, increases weight by 12800, increases inventory slots by 18 and +10 to all attribute defense Also NPC Ilia exchange Ruler’s Authority Belt to Powered Ruler’s Authority Belt For that you’ve should buy for 10kk adena Belt Decomposition Book Then with a low chance you can exchange one of clan’s raid Belt (Gustav’s Belt, Lidia’s Belt, Nurka’s Belt) plus Belt Decomposition Book to Ornament of Power Finaly Ornament of Power and Ruler’s Authority Belt with a middle chance exchange to Powered Ruler’s Authority Belt Here is stats: increases max HP/MP/CP by 1000, Weight Limit by 25,600 dealt damage by 10% and reduces received damage by 10% Damage reflect resistance is increased by 10% and fixed damage resistance is also increased by 10% Inventory slots are increased by 36 and all defensive Elemental Attributes by 20 One more big thing in update its new Hunting Zone for 103+ lvl players Shadow of the Mother Tree or close to words translation Word in Darkness That zone nearby to Elven Village, which become to peace zone After the Epic Tales of Aden with the chase for the Holy Grail this update is indeed a return to the Goddess of Destruction The mighty power of the Seven Signs is waking up the sleeping shadows of evil, covering the lands of Aden with darkness. Ritra, Nerupa’s younger sistser, had been enticed by Shilen to cooperate with her in the plan to take control of the Mother Tree Nerupa refused to fight with her sister and locked her up in the Mothertree instead before she left for Magmeld with the Elves who had survived the bloody rain and the toxic fog (from the High Five update) Now Ritra, who could never completely get free from Nerupa’s grip has started to use the life-giving power of the Mother Tree to create all sorts of monsters Please note, Ritra its RB 106 lvl, which stand nearby to the Mother Tree Now, let’s talk about changes with Dimensional Warp First of all, in update increasing levels from 35 to 45. According drop list description Abyssal Makkum, from 35 floor, was lose Ancient Books Ancient Books added to new RB 108 lvl at 45 floor – Unworldly Makkym Finaly, players can skip several levels of DW but for that, they must complete the quests from skiped floors Party can skip only those floors which minimal quests complete ALL party mambers To new RB from Elves Village and Dimensional Warp was added 16 new another at Forest of the Dead, Swamp of Screams and Wasteland That’s all for 1st part, in 2nd I’ll show Sigel’s changes. If you have a questions or something to add please use the comments section. Thank you from watching!


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