Lineage 2 Classic Lacoste Camera

Finally pay my Adrenaline monthly payment,% $ & #% “rats A message from XT. “Carebearz in Forsaken Plains” What a good opportunity to go kill him %$%” Here he is, he’s going to eat he’s going to eat it x2 he’s going to eat it x3 he’s going to eat it x4 he’s going to eat it x5 %$%” XT, you want to steal my KILL? %$%” lover of ponies I should not have I should not have x2 I should not, buy that Staff + 16 %$%”, now you want to steal my KILL I bought it for you to heal me in PvP Have you never played a Classic server? He’s already dead %$%” Carebearz I will raise the prices for the materials in Giran I’m going to hunt them 24/7 They can not go to TOI, I’m going to close the map And when they want to go to Silent Valley, I’ll be there WHAT? UncleJemima dares to hit me? Reynald0 too? %$%”, %$%” That %$%” stun of %$%” Quick, where is the key to use my SOE Where is? XT please help me (sobs) %$%, Why do not you use a sword like me? STOP USING YOUR %$%” STUN I’m going to tell XT that they were 10 against me

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