Lineage 2 High Five Olympiad — RAZUMOVSKY vs F1POWERPWNZ

Hi, isi__1337 Oh, my god, leave me alone, fck Will he permanently interrupt my castings? How do you think, is it normal? Hm, nice ‘cast-completing’, okey, got it So, the Cubics will not active, will they? Hmmm, interesting fight 🙂 Cubics, please start to work, he has already done a few attack to me, why you dont work constantly? The Cubic on ‘sturm’ and other d1ck-head ALO, will you work, please? you should do DMG!1 Oh, this down will kite, razum if you are on stream, You are a son of fckn btch Son of a harbour btch, which goes vs SHK on arena with gargoyles, doing a few hits and kite then, fck Son of a sh1t Just FUUUUUU And, also, do a record of this fight please And upload to your youtube channel with 200 [fckn] subscribers So, around three hundred ppl will rate this video And write to comments “Ha-ha razum buddy dominating on F1POWERPWNZ” I ask you, please, it’s so imporatant and interesting Or will you not [upload it] ? This fckn cringe loggining to OLY SERVER The fckng best fights, guys xd You doing very well brother Respect, really, really the “best” moonlight sentinel I fckn think I have overrated you He plays on oly server and i told about his skill that this is best MS on java servers, fckkk… What a fckn bu11sh1t have i told ? Seems I was sober when told it I have used drugs before I said it FCKKK I shoud chose the IRL profession of Doctor instead, I could cut a million …. I could cut a million of cancers inside the razum’s brain, fck I just should ask him to help him friendly To say: “Razum brah” “You have a cancer in your brain, let me help you” Good job, now you will win me by DMG:) Just Ohhhhhhh


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