Lineage 2: Revolution – Fortress Siege quick guide!

Greetings heroes! here is a special video
about lineage 2: revolution today we will show you how to successfully dominate your enemies in fortress siege before entering the battlefield we need
to make some preparations that will boost our CP and abilities in combat How is an army supposed to fight on empty stomachs?! So first we have to
prepare a feast in our clan Hall This will make our clan members stronger
during the battle Go to clan whole menu and select feast we highly recommend you to have a large feast because it’s the best feast you could provide to your clan members Of course, if you don’t have the ingredients you can always have a medium or small feast and make sure to invite all your clan
members to eat the feast! After that, let’s go to our clan shop to purchase our clan buffs there are many clan buffs that can help
boost your clan members combat power such as clan shield clan might and clan
health if you’re lucky enough and you can purchase all different buffs then don’t hesitate and go for it! And now the time for battle has come Go to battle field and select fortress siege Once you’re in there select the fortress you bid on to enter the fortress siege mode During the preparation period we highly recommend
you to follow your leaders instructions and once the preparation is over the
battle will begin you and your enemy will have 30 minutes
to fight over the ownership of the fortress so here is how the battle
usually happens: you first look for an altar that you can imprint there will be two altars one for your clan and one for your enemy’s clan the enemy will do the
same and fight you or some of your clan members over the ownership of the
fortress don’t forget to take advantage of the spring of recovery if you need to
recover your health You should imprint two altars to advance against the enemy when you’ve done so go and attack the enemy’s towers placed outside the gates
destroying either side will then let you destroy the gate Don’t forget that destroying the gate is mandatory if you want to get inside the enemy’s territory inside their territory there will be an East and West tour defending the enemy’s holy artifact make sure to crush all defending towers so you can imprint the holy artifacts when all defending towers are down you may imprint the enemy’s holy
artifact and claim your victory And that’s how you win fortress siege enjoy the rewards and the benefits of the fortress once you win That’s it for today’s video we hope to see you next time owning your own fortress so good luck in your fortress domination quest, heroes!

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