Lineage 2 | Salvation: Assemblage of Light | Part 2

Hello everyone! This is second part review of ‘Assemblage of Light’ update Lets talk about Sigel’s classes and start with global changes Effects of all auras the same to knight and party, except Provoke Aura Only Provoke Aura interaction with enemies around That aura with some chance provokes nearby enemies and increases movement speed by 20 It can be activated with all other auras together Challenge Aura as before Skill MP Consumption – 15%, Skill Cooldown – 5% for Sigel and party members’ Additionally new bonus +20 points to movement speed Last aura which have all classes – Iron Aura, self and party def. +15%, critical damage reduced by 10% All other auras was deleted, except special class auras, but that I’ll show at the classes review part Now, lets talk about defense skills. All def. skills completely changed, please note some of them was change titles and icons(!) New Noble Sacrifice includes two effects and change icon to old Focus Shield. First effect its receives 50% (max skill lvl) of the damage inflicted to the party members(!) for 10 sec. at the same time start Ignore Death effect for 10 sec too. Ignore Death effect change title and call now as old passive skill – Last Patience, which change title to Grand Fortress Explicit minus of new Noble Sacrifice that it chn’t be improved to Time But I was note, after some testing that fist effect may crit. to x2 time. Protection of Faith or Party UD now depends of siegel def. and not add static def. bonus as before. Additionally increases movement speed and work like immunity to the hold/stun debuffs Party Rescue change title to Nine Aegis, you can see all 9 shields on new effect animation But instead of old effect to receive 90% of party members damage now it increases 50% def. with some area Additionally work like immunity to the Pull/Knockback/KnockDown/Dangerous Area and Magical Reflect by 25% Important moment of new mechanic of Nine Aegis its penalty Limit of Siegel add only to knight Focus Shield get new icon and become to active skill which increasing m. def., reflect damage and decreases the chance of receiving magic crit. damage by 100% Changed Spike Shield also get new icon and works the same as new Focus Shield, but in physical direction Please note, despite the short effect time cooldown of that skill very short Also with new Last Patience which become to Grand Fortress and have 5 trigger stages That trigger was decreasing cooldown of new Focus and Spike Shield and a little bit increasing applying time effect of that skills Final Ultimate Defense now depends to the Sigel’s p.def. without and resistances. Lets talk about attack skills and debuffs. Superior Aggression become to Shield Boomerang title with old skill icon of Noble Sacrifice except provokes the target effect, Shield Boomerang hit the target and decreases movement speed of that target Shield Charge now charges forward to attack the target with some damage and debuff which decreases movement speed New Justice Punishment become to Vanishing shock and with a some chance may inflict Silence effect to the target or decreases p. and m. attack speed, or both. In addition, in the Vanguard stance debuffing with reducing p. def. effect Chain Galaxy get new additional rooting and pull to Sigel debuff effect for nearby enemies New skill Shield Bash get the same effects as old ver. Shield Impact (damage and stun effect to the target) Shield Impact get new icon from old Shield Wave skill, knock back nearby targets and inflict some damage Shield Wave get new icon (not actualy) and have buff effect to Sigel which increases p. def. by 50% and stun nearby enemies After 19 april patch Superior Aggression Aura become to common active skill and works as always Finaly, True Vanguard become to Two-Handed stance title and increases p. attack by 150% of Shield Defense(!) Also increases Physical Critical Rate / Damage by 15% Now look at P. Atk. of the character when I’m changind Shields with diffirent defence. If I change shields or equip two handed weapon, Two-hand stance effect will disappear Now, briefly about class differences. As I say before at 101 level all Sigels classes have unique aura Now all that auras get the same effect which increases defence, decreases received crit. damage and skill’s cooldown And additional effect which diffirent for all classes. Paladin’s Aura add 10% more defence, debuff resistance effect and increasing the amount healing Phoenix cubic recovers 6000 HP, removes debuffs from Sigel, increses debuff resistance and works like deleted Soul of the Phoenix each 30 min. Phoenix Spirit trigger added only with Focus or Spike Shield But SH and ST get the same trigger without using the skills Phoenix Spirit increases defence by 15% and amount healing by 10% Paladin’s Frenzy increasing shield defence by 120% m. def. by 100%, attack speed by 30%, chance and damage of p. attack by 60%, debuff resistance by 30% and add 50% of time to Ignore Death effect in new Noble Sacrifice Just look at the time count of Ignore Death effect in new Noble Sacrifice 10 sec. Now I’m using Paladin’s Frenzy and time count was increasing by 5 sec. Chain Hydra for all Sigel Knight classes was changed depend by class Phoenix Knight get Burning Chain Lash skill works them same effect to Chain Hydra with ignition debuff Next untarget nuke – Flame Feather, attacking enemies around and with a chance to applies agro debuff New skill Phoenix Glide attacking the target and nearby enemies with a chance to applies debuff which decreases archer’s attack range by 500 and consumes 6 soul ore. Lets look how was chneged Sigel Hell Knight Avenger’s Aura after Salvation update doesn’t debuffing enemies, but protects party members increases attack by 10% and reflect damage by 5% Also after the update Avenger lost his Summon Knight Cubic But in his place came another new Vampirism trigger with new title Avenging Will recovers 3000 HP, removes debuffs from knight and makes immune to debuffs Spirit of Revenge unlike the Phoenix Spirit applies when character gains some damage New Spirit of Revenge removes debuffs, increases 6% p. and m. attack, and reduces 5% reflect damage


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