Lineage 2 | Skills and Red Libra event

Hello everyone! its a short video summary of tests and answers to popular questions after a few patches at korean servers On November 1, new hotfix was installed the korean Live servers, in the description dev. team noted that if a character have the awakening buffs, then pre-awakening buff can’t be applied In this regard, I was tested popular new/old buff patterns and tried to find out what old buffs will now fail to use with buffs after awakening. First, look how it works with the popular in pvp buff from 3rd prof. of Hierophant – Mystic Immunity it has replace to BR, but how it work now. We can see that, all buff works the same as it now at ncwest/innova Angel’s Touch also still can not replace this imun. Archer’s self buffs from 2nd prof. like Rapid Shot, Rapid Fire and Spirit of Sagittarius works properly with no changes Buff of Feline Queen works the same as now, without all Sonatas The most interesting question about skill of Shillien Saint – Prophecy of Wind That buff can’t be applied with any Melody, even with the drum removed any Melodys automatically cancels PoW Precisely on the same principle works Eva’s PoW, Dominator’s VoP, and Doomcryer’s CoV Finally, another important question about the work of SoS after the hotfix. Holders of Tauti axes can sleep peacefully, SoS works without changes Now lets talk about skills and stats with a different weapons. Furious Slasher as we see after test works only with Two-Handed Sword and Two-Handed Blunts In test I’m use Vesper’s weapons to show the same range of stats with diffirent weapon One more popular question – Has the work of summoner’s passive weapon skill changed after the addition the staff type to the two-handed Retributer? Here the situation is that the biggest p. attack of pets (without SoS) with a two-handed axe and in the second place is a Retributer Now one more popular question – The mana shield toggle has been nerfed? At the current moment, description and mechanic of Mana Shild toggle didn’t change. After unusual mechanic of Justice Punishment with Templar’s Frenzy several times asked the question about whether there are similar hidden effects in the Frenzys of other tanks A few tests have shown that there are no additional effects other than reducing cast and hast speed by 20% and silens effect Nevertheless, there is another curious effect, which is described in the changed Justice Punishment skill When using a two-handed stance (new title for True Vanguard), to target applies debuff which decreases p. def. The first attempt showed a new debuff, with similar icon to the deleted Last Judgment That debuff decreace p. def of the target. by 30% In the next RedLibra event timed to the 14th anniversary of the project, I can note a few key points. Firstly, Wealthy Merchant Red give the buff Red’s Elysium Blessings once a day and one per account for 2,5kk adena In contrast to the previous event where it cost 5kk adena Red’s Elysium Blessings very similar to Freya’s Art of Seduction with additional bonuses cancels the all possibilities to use any analog Art of Seduction items Also Merchant Red can give one special Red’s Libra Cube From that cube echach 30 min, 6 times per day, players can get 5 Red’s Supplies and Red’s Hidden Libra Cube More details about awards I’ll add to forthcoming article at (RUS) The link will be added to video descriptio and discord channel after publication. Elder Green make Dual Class Reawaken with keeping current Dual level for 333 R Gemstones Before players must pay 667 R gemstones Also Green get the Elysium Vitality Research buff which restore Vitality during 1 hour. Grocer Pink can give event Elysium Animal Cure Players must use Elysium Animal Cure to Exhausted Buffalo which come to Giran Harbor That event part similar to Free Tulio event at EU with Captive Tulio The task is to use the Elysium Animal Cure on the Exhausted Buffalo Every time you use your the cure it generates a random number from 1 to 6, which is also reflected in system chat.​ Every use of the cure damages the Buffalo with 5000 fixed power When HP gets to 0, a Cured Buffalo appears and gives rewards to everybody. Groser Pink remain exchange dyes and some grosery items Artisan Black exchange R, R95, R99, Tauti, Kelbim and Shadow weapon type, including Enhanced Also Black Sells Elysium weapons for7 R gems and with lower price upgrade/seal Seed Talismans Finaly, Bodyguard Blue offers event-exclusive quests, tickets for all daily instance zones and Raid Scrolls On October 25, Sub- and Dual-Class Skill System was changed After this moment character may get one Certificate per 80 lvl Sub-Class and 7 Certificates for 7 key levels of Dual-Class – 85, 90, 95, 99, 101, 103, 105 All previous skills was reset. During three weeks, dev. team provided the opportunity to drop Dual skills for 1 Adena That gain a wave of tests at NC forum, were DD trying to find better combination The list of Dual and Sub class skills was changed


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