Lineage 2 – Storm Screamer TUTORIAL (2018)

Hello guys, I’m Wio, and today I will present you a new video, Storm Screamer Tutorial. 100 Likes and I Will post a new video, Storm Screamer Secrets. Show your support. Talking about dyes, I m using +4 CON, WIT, INT Most of the people I know they will use 2 dyes of casting because Storm Screamer needs a lot, but I have a secret where I can make my casting 1900 at least. For 5 minutes at leat I can make it 1900, but depends on server. So I prefer put CON, instead of 2 casting speed dyes. These are my dyes, it’s just my opinion, how I use my chars. As I said I will make another video, if this video gets views, where I will share my Storm Screamer secrets. I will leave the dyes written so you can double check. I’m not saying it’s the best way to make it, but that’s how I prefer it. About buffs, I’ll show you the list, so you can check them nicely, It’s better if you are taking the most important buffs and not plenty, otherwise when you pvp, When you will use Prophet buffs, or orc, overbuff might happen and you will lose important buffs. So I prefer using a few buffs from npc, not that many. Dances and Songs, you can check the list, that’s all you need. That’s all you need for a mage. Talking about skills, I show you here, mostly passive skills are all enchanted with power. Robe Master it’s always Magic Defence. Wisdom I prefer mental attack, but when you’re fighting tanks you need to make it hold resistance. Silence, Fear, these skills need chance so they have more probability to succeed. This one I prefer Dark Attack, but it’s better with Power if you have a weapon with Dark and your enemy has a set with full wind, you gonna hit with dark attribute so you gonna do nice damage. So if you have storm screamer and money you can buy 2 weapons one with wind one with dark and that’s it, you will kill most of the people. The rest of them are mostly chance, but Vampiric Claw goes with Sap. Most of the skills are with power, but depends what server you’re playing, where I play power it’s the best. So, that’s how I enchant my skills. Talking about augments, for me the best it’s wild magic passive and active. If you have those 2 you might win everything because you gonna hit a lot of criticals. But it depends where you’re playing, the things are different. Before the best augment in here was Empower augment, but GM changed it so it’s useless now. I already have the active augment but not the passive one. When you fight in oly and you fight against tanks you need passive and active reflect damage. If you have these you may easily win tanks. And that’s most of the augments, there are more but these are the most important. So, that’s everything, if you like my videos and my work you can leave a Like, Comment. And as I said I can make another video, about Storm Screamer where I can post PVP Tactics and SPH’s Secrets If there are people interested, I can make it for sure, but if this video doesn’t get good views, there is no point to make it. Thank you very much for watching, take care!


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