Lineage 2M Cinematic Gameplay (ENG SUB)

Etis marched to Giran. “White group” will be hard to defend this time. We need to find a successor before Etis. Unfortunately, heirs are there. We need to hurry. I’m looking for a successor. Cain, stop the enemy! The heir is still, Leah. Found a successor. I’ll wake the successor. Cain! Are you awake? Come on. We gotta get out of here. That’s tenacious! No time to delay! You have to help destroy the golem! Let’s deal with them first! Come this way… Your strength will not be enough. Let me help you. Ein Hasard! Give grace to successors! You can now use the power of light! Leah, take her to the island of talking. We’ll hold on the time. Etis! Three months after the siege of Giran … Let’s go! Now, we must reclaim the age of abundance stolen by Etis. Do not be afraid to face the dark. Einhasad’s protection will protect us. Touch the screen to connect to the world server.

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