Lineage II: Dimensional Strangers – Cinematic

(Etis van Etina)
Elcadia… First I’ll drink your blood and I’ll become stronger than the gods (Sea of Talking Island) Something doesn’t feel good… These monsters have never appeared in this island Leona, look there! What is that? (Leona Blackbird)
No way! Is there a dimension merging? We hurry up! The hero and the Holy Grail
/Dimensional Strangers/ (Benon Village) (Carly Servan) Lupi, follow me Queen’s safety is our priority, let’s move! (Serenity)
Why don’t you say nothing?! God of wind, Sayha! (Marshall – Shilen’s disciple) Is this the destiny of Ertheia, to live in this twisted dimension?! Savages you, you shouldn’t come here in this holy land! Why are you here?! Our goddess Shilen wants your blood…
Ertheia’s destruction! She wants your holy blood! I can feel your fear hiding in your powerful energy! What the hell is that monster? Lupi, please! Lupi!!! No way!! Did you come to consciousness? Did you save me? Who are you? (Kain van Holter)
I’m Kain from Elmore kingdom I’ve never seen before kind of race like you We’re Ertheia, the race of wind You are human being… I have ever heard about the race of wind By the way, how did you come here? That’s what I want to ask you How did you come here?
Where are we? We’re in the land of Aden!
Regarding dimensions, your land descended by water I’m looking for the Holy Grail… You’d better forget this… Our land descended by water? The Holy Grail? “The race Ertheia settled in the land descended by water…” “What is the truth behind of the Holy Grail?” “The story of the heroes to be continued”


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