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When I was growing up, if you wanted to study history
or do research on a particular topic, there was really only one option that we had,
and that was to read a book. And I never really used to like reading that much, so we decided to create a resource that would translate
this written information into the language of today. My name’s Adam Ramdin and my name is Clive Coutet. And we are the cofounders of Lineage Journey. Back in 2016 I was reading the Great Controversy and I was really struggling to find any relevant video resources
that I could use to aid me in my study. So I decided to approach Adam about the possibility
of making some videos on the Reformation. So we started filming in the end of 2016
and in 2017 we released 48 videos that covered the period of the early church
all the way through to the end of the Reformation. Then in 2018 and ’19 we released
another 52 episodes on church history. These have now been viewed all over the world, in over 100 countries covering about 50 different languages, and we have over 3 million views online. These videos have been used as a resource
in both secular and Christian schools, as well as several church denominations across the globe, used Bible studies, study groups,
as well as played to the general congregation. They also make a great online evangelistic tool
where people are able to share them, and we’ve seen them go into countries that we ourselves can’t go, countries that are Muslim countries,
where the Christian message cannot go. Our vision is to create more videos, in particular, a season that would cover the time period
of the Old Testament and the New Testament so we can see the great controversy narrative
between Christ and Satan played out in the pages of Scripture. We also would like to record an audio Reformation series, a podcast, as well as creating longer documentaries
covering various people and time periods. One of the challenges we have, though,
is that amongst our team of almost 10 people, we are all volunteers on this project,
sacrificing our time, our effort, and our energy in order to make these resources together. Just to put things into perspective,
each Lineage episode as well as the filming takes an additional two to three days in post-production. That is a lot of time and sacrifice
that this team has made in putting 100 episodes together. So we need to raise the funds to cover the cost of the filming as well as the continued production costs that come after that. So for as little as $1 a month
you can help us to expand this ministry to create new resources to reach more people across the world. Thank you for visiting this page and taking the time
to watch this video; we really appreciate that. Thank you for your support of the ministry so far and we ask that you would prayerfully consider
being a partner with us on this Patreon page. May God bless you, and we ask that you continue
to keep this ministry and our future plans in prayer


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