Lineage, Society And Location of the Messengers of the God Ep 8

Isaac had two sons, Esau and Jacob. Jacob
was also known as Israel. Jacob had twelve sons and one of them was known as Joseph who
became a Prophet. During the time of Prophet Joseph the children
of Israel migrated to Egypt. Generations later another Prophet, Moses brought back the children
of Israel from Egypt to the land of Canaan. During these periods many of the children
of Israel migrated to Sheba, present day Yemen and Khaibar. From Sheba some sects of the
children of Israel emigrated to Yatrib and from there to Khaibar.
The people of Mecca were Muslims and monotheists (that is worshipper of One True God). But
a few generations after Prophet Ishmael, they got misguided by the Satan and became Mushrikun
(meaning polytheists) who worship many Gods and Pantheists (who believe, that God and
the universe are the same, and that God exists in his creations)
The God sent His Last and final Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad from the family of Prophet
Abraham, by the elder son Prophet Ishmael in Mecca, about 570 years after Prophet Jesus,
in the 6th century C.E. Prophet Muhammad was chosen by the God as the savior of the last
generation of mankind, who would guide mankind to salvation. Prophet Muhammad received Prophethood
at the age of forty and started propagating Monotheism to the people of Mecca. Many among
the people of Mecca accepted Islam by his call. However the Polytheists of Mecca hated
the concept of worshipping the One God, because that would mean their all other deities are
false gods. Therefore the Mushrikun (the Polytheists) started persecuting the Muslims.

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