Local History and Genealogy Branch Tour

I’m standing outside Local History & Genealogy
which is located on Government Street in downtown Mobile. It’s just East of Broad a couple doors west
of the Ben May Main Library. The entrance to LH&G is at the back of the
building. That’s also where you park. To get to the parking lot turn on Scott between
Main and the Distinguished Young Women offices. Then turn into the driveway on the right,
just before the Church Street Graveyard gate. It is a small parking lot and if it is full
the Main library’s parking is just across the street. So let’s go in and see what kinds of things
you can find at Local History & Genealogy Just inside the door there are drawers full
of microfilm and microfiche. This is where you’ll find back issues of the
Mobile Press that aren’t on Newsbank. I’ll put a link to our Newsbank video in the
information box. There are also back issues of the New York
Times, death records, and census records. On the left side of the entryway are the microfiche
and film readers and a book scanner for making digital copies of items that can’t or shouldn’t
be put on a photocopier. The file cabinets behind the service desk
contain the vertical files which are collections of articles about various subjects related
to this area like Mardi Gras, local businesses, local artists, and so on. You can see the index to the vertical files
on our website, I’ll include a link in the info box. There’s usually some kind of display featuring
a historical collection or event. So take a look at the tables to see what’s
new or coming up. The back half of the room is taken up by the
stacks. None of these books check out, so you will
probably need to make use of the photocopier I’m squeezing by on the left. I’ll point out just a couple things. This first shelf has City Directories going
back to 1837 The rest of these shelves are arranged by
state and then county with books containing Marriage and Death records and other resources
relating to genealogy. These books aren’t just limited to Alabama. We have at least a small section for each
state. You can also access records from across the
nation and even some international records from Newsbank or Ancestry.com. These services can be accessed from any of our branches,
not just Local History and Genealogy. However, the public computers at LH&G are
probably your best bet if you’d like some expert assistance. On the next to last row, there’s a collection
of yearbooks. The last row is genealogy periodicals and
recent newspapers. This little office is the Memory Studio. This is where you’d go to convert VHS tapes
to DVD or cassettes to MP3. There’s no charge for the service, but you
will have to bring your own supplies. Call LH&G for details or to make an appointment. The black drawers have historical maps. Then finally, that brings us to the vault. The vault is strictly climate controlled and
is where we keep all of our oldest and most delicate items. You will have to ask at the desk if you’d
like to access any of the materials in the vault. A couple examples of the things held here
are the records from the Clothilda and oral history recordings. Local History and Genealogy is a small building
packed with a lot of information. For a more detailed list of the kinds of information
you might find here, check our website. I’ll put a link to LH&G’s information page
in the info box below. If you have any questions or suggestions for future videos, please leave me a comment down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for more information on how best to use library resources As always, Thank You for watching.

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