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According to some scriptures, the King of
Dwarka, Lord Krishna had eight principal wives and 16100 junior wives. Some scriptures also say the number is 16,000, probably for the sake of ease. Lord Krishna had ten sons from each wife, which means 16108 wives produced 1 lakh, 61 thousand 80 sons. The eight major wives of Krishna are also
called Ashtabharya. According to Srimad Bhagavata, they were Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Nagnajiti, Kalindi, Madra, Mitravinda, and Bhadra. Sri Sukh Goswami said [Sanskrit Shloka] Which means each of the wives of Krishna gave birth to ten sons not less than in any respect to their father’s personal opulence. [English Translation]
Despite the romantic signs, they beamed from their arched eyebrows, their secret looks and coy smiles that so charmingly displayed their intentions, yet these sixteen thousand wives were not capable of agitating His (Krishna) senses with their arrows of Cupid and other means. The first son of Rukmini was Pradyumna. The others were Charudeshna, Sudheshna, Charudeha, Sucharu, Charugupta, Bhadracharu, Charu Chandra, Vicharu and Charu. None of these was inferior to their father. [Sanskrit Chanting] The ten sons of Satyabhama were Bhanu, Subhanu, Svarabhanu, Prabhanu, Bhanuman, Chandrabhanu, Brihadbhanu, Atibhanu, Sribhanu and Pratibhanu. Jambavati’s ten sons were Samba, Sumitra, Purujit, Satajit, Sahasrajit, Vijaya, Chitraketu, Vasuman, Dravida and Kratu. The sons of Nagnajiti were Vira, Chandra, Asvasena, Chitragu, Vegavan, Vrisha, Aama, Sanku, Vasu and Kunti. The 10 sons of Kalindi Sruta, Kavi, Vrisa, Vira Subahu, Bhadra, Shanti, Darsa, Purnamasa and Somaka. Madra’s sons were Praghosa, Gaatravan, Simha, Bala, Prabala, Urdhvaga, Mahasakthi, Saha, Oja, and Aparajita Mitravinda’s sons were Vrika, Harsha, Anila, Gridhra, Vardhana, Unnada, Mahamsa, Pavan, Vanhi and Ksudhi. Ten sons of Bhadra were Sangramajit, Brihatsena, Sura, Praharana, Arijit, Jaya, Subhadra, Vama, Ayu, and Satyaka. Apart from his eight principal wives, Lord Krishna was described to have many junior wives, whom he had rescued from the demon
Narakasura. Krishna accepted them as his wife upon their insistence to save themselves from the society who saw them as slaves of the demon king Narakasura. After marriage, they all lived in Dwarka. The chief amongst these junior wives is sometimes called Rohini. Diptiman, Tamratapta and others were the sons
of Rohini and others wives. Rukmini’s daughter Charumati was the only
girl mentioned in Srimad Bhagavata as the daughter of Lord Krishna. Charumati married Bali, the son of Kritavarma. However, few commentators explain that each of the Lord’s queen had one daughter. Which means, Lord had 16108 daughters. Regarding His sons and grandsons, the scripture
says their numbers were in tens of millions. [English Translation]
From these sons and grandsons of the sixteen thousand mothers, tens of millions descendants of Krishna took their birth, oh King.


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