Lower Back Disc Problems | Spine Genetics and Blood Supply | CO Spine Surgeon

the problem with the spine is the design of the disc the disc is literally a jelly filled donut the jelly on the inside called the
nucleus is under high pressure the outer part of the spine called the
annulus are about sixty rings of collagen that hold this jelly in the disc has a great blood supply up until the age of three after the age of three the blood supply
starts to dimish and by the age of eight the blood supply is gone and this becomes the largest structure
in the body without a blood supply the problem of course without a blood
supply is the disc has no ability to heal so injuries to the discs are permanent and accumulate that’s problem one problem two is genetics it has to do with the plies of the
tire these plies are made out of collagen and college comes in different
tensile strengths you can have brittle collagen and you can have supple
collagen supple collagen is like a bungee cord you can bend that forever
and it will continue to bend and break but the brittle collagen is more like a
wire coat hanger you bend a wire coat hanger enough and it will finally
fatigue and break similar to some people who have more
brittle collagen genetically they will get more tears within the disc

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