MacFamilyTree 8 – Mit FamilySearch nach möglichen Übereinstimmungen suchen

An important source for data is FamilySearch.
Register for free and access more than 6 billion records. Once you are logged in, MacFamilyTree automatically searches
for possible matches. Click „Show matches“ to see a list of
possible matching persons for each person. The score bar on the left shows the probability
that the person is a match. Click „Assign“ to mark the person as identical. It is advisable, however, to check if the match
is correct by clicking „Compare“. If you are sure that the proposed match on the right is indeed your selected
person on the left, you can start importing data from FamilySearch. You can import single personal events or other relatives from
the FamilySearch database with a simple mouse click; in this example the parents of a President Lincoln.
Uploading data is also possible With the parents of President Lincoln downloaded successfully from FamilySearch,
we now see that there are three persons matching a FamilySearch entry.

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