Mallard Point Magic | Duck Hunting with DNA Guide Service

We’re here in Ortonville Minnesota
ready to hunt with DNA guide service very excited
Darrin puts together quite a show so it should be an awesome day.
Good Morning. Morning! How ya doing? You want some breakfast?
No I’m good. Thanks quite different experience get up at DNA and you’re literally walking 100 feet to where you’re going to sit down
in a chair and divers are gonna come by Ya know everyone is obsessed about getting the green and that doesn’t just mean mallards, that could mean spoon bills too Spoonies matter He goes yes wind’s in our face they’re going
to be coming from the left or the right I’m going to be calling them out but just
get ready because they’re going to come out of nowhere sure enough you can see
Ducks off in the horizon and then they disappear because it was so dark out and
then all of a sudden they’re forty yards in front of your face and Darren’s
yelling cut ’em Two spoonies come in just screaming Joe
and I knock ’em both down so right off the bat Darren’s like okay this is gonna be good
and then everything declines Baboom boom Baboom boom we clean missed every single duck. Every single duck. That was like nine shots Nine shots, you can’t… You can’t kill it It’s still alive Hunted the morning. The wind died after about an hour and the Ducks just
stopped flying so what we told Darren was we want to get on the green heads. We need mallards like we… divers are fun and all spoonies
are fun but we want some green So he us to the private lake called Kelgoose oh god I love green
I love green so much I’ve heard
the stories you know the legends of people showing up to Outfitters and
hunting and not shooting enough birds and then they bring out a bunch of birds to
hang on the sign so it looks like you shot enough bird this that’s not Darren
that’s not how he works that’s not how he operates. If you go out there
and you suck at shooting you might not have birds to take a picture with. I guess
I just wanted to provide a service to people that was going to be over the top
and by going over the top it meant giving them a service that they would
truly enjoy from when they arrived to when they left whether it was about the
lodging the hospitality the actual hunting the service they got through
hunting itself putting out decoys getting them in the right spot making
them feel like they were truly loved when people leave DNA guide service for
the weekend I want them to have an experience that not only will they have
enjoyed but they’ll be… they’ll feel like they were loved. Darren loves people
and that’s so evident when you spend time with him he’ll invite you to spend
time there and see the birds that he’s been lucky enough to shoot over the
years and the stories you’re going to hear and the things you’re going to find
out about it’s just it’s incredible


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